Spiritual Quotes: “Being Takes No Time”

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Welcome. This is the first spiritual living video blog. It offers spiritual help, spiritual support as well as an opportunity for us to share and live our spirituality together.

The first quote is, “Being takes no time” It is one that came to me as I wrote my spiritual meditation book “At Your Heart’s Pace: An offering of Essential Spiritual Exercises”.

I chose this spiritual quote because it reflects the whole intention of my blog. Spiritual evolution occurs when we take action, live our intentions, be the quality instead of believing it is separate from us.

In a busy world, in our busy life, we do not want one more thing to add to our list of “to-dos.” Being a quality, allows you to weave it in your everyday life, your daily experiences.

Practicing it for 20 minutes a day is most helpful but embracing it, expressing it, while living life, will reveal it as part of us.

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Hello. I am Ellen Sutherland and I am very happy to welcome you to this blog – this video blog. It is my first one. So it is new and exciting.

We are trying to figure out what will be the most helpful because this is a learning situation for me as well as, hopefully, a learning situation for you. My whole endeavor and intention is to bring spirituality into daily living. I want you to apply it – to be it – to do it, rather than read about it or section it off into one part of your day or one part of your week or used only when you go on workshops – your annual workshops.

It (the blog) is an exciting adventure and hopefully, we will do it together – you and me. Hopefully you will give me some feedback and steer me in the direction you want to go.

My first quote is “Being takes no time.” That came through me. It is in my book “At Your Heart’s Pace.” I decided on that quote from the many, many wondrous quotes out there because it encapsulates exactly what my whole intention is for doing this video blog. My intention is not just to create videos so that you can find out about my book, though I do want you to find out about my book. It is a wonderful way, a wonderful opportunity for me to reach people worldwide which I wouldn’t be able to reach or necessarily able to reach from Nova Scotia. That is an exciting opportunity (for me) and I hope that you use it. Write to me if you have questions specifically about this subject.

“Being takes no time.” What does that mean? What is that about? What we generally do is to say, “I want to be unconditionally loving. I want to be peaceful. I want to get rid of some of my past grudges.” So its, “I want to do something…” and that’s how we proceed through our life.

Being the quality we want, being it, expressing it, is actually taking a shortcut and incorporates it into living – when we are in traffic, when we are having a disagreement, when we are outside walking in nature. (This statement means that) we are expressing the quality by being it at all times. So that is what the quote is about. It is a very important quote for me as it came as an inspired thought while I was writing my book, “At Your Heart’s Pace.” It is a book of over 30 exercise, spiritual exercises and I am sure we will do some of them together.

So that is the quote: “Being takes no time.” A quote to live by means you take the quote in. You contemplate it. You be with it. You think about it. You wrap yourself around it and be open to it so that “information” – I think Holy Spirit – will come in and help you understand or get a deeper or broader understanding of what the quote is about.

That is part one of what we will do in this video blog together.


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  1. Kellsie says:

    You’re a real deep thinker. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Makendra says:

    It was dark when I woke. This is a ray of sunshine.

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