Spiritual Quotes: May this be for the Highest Good

Releasing the “I Know” Attitude

To live a spiritual life, a peaceful life, we realize that we must let go of the “I-know” attitude. It is a challenging thing to do. This quote offers a key to spiritual help.

Eventually, it dawns on us that we cannot know what is the best for anyone else, let alone ourselves. That would mean we know every minute detail of the situation.

Living a spiritual life, we aim at expressing constant peace. Say, “May this be for the highest good” to remember to surrender assumptions that pull us into anger, sadness and turmoil – the opposite of peace.

When we get “our will” out of the way, when we stop placing our beliefs before higher will, we are living spiritual surrender.

Contemplate the power of this statement.

My blogs are in two parts. I first address the quote, then the actions to take. If you leave me your name and email address I will let you know when the next blog is posted.

Peace to you.

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“May this be for the highest good.” – part 1
Hi, it’s Ellen Sutherland and here we are with the portion “Quotes to live by…”
“May this be for the highest good.”

“May this be for the highest good” is something I’ve said for many many years and taught to all my Reiki students to say before applying Reiki. Reiki is a hands on, energy healing process. Healing in the sense that it calms and relaxes and balances and sometimes… miracles happen.

“May this be for the highest good” is also something I offer in my book: “At Your Heart’s Pace” before every spiritual exercise. The phrase takes the “I” out of the equation.

It takes the part of you that says, “I know everything” out and offers instead that “I don’t know what the highest good in this situation is.”

It is a saying that runs within my mind every time I do anything for someone else, and when I ask in prayer, or when I’m talking to the Universe, or I’m talking to God. It is a kind of surrendering process that allows me to step aside and let the goodness do what it may.

I don’t know what would be right for someone. It may look like some catastrophe has happened in my life, or their life, or other lives and I, Ellen thinks: “Oooh I don’t think that’s so good and what a shame… how sad…” But down the road, sometimes quickly, but most often down the road, the realization comes that what happened has brought great growth, great rounding in the personality, a smoothing out of the jagged edges, an awareness of forgiveness – many, many many things… (have changed in the personality).

So I offer: “May this be for the higest good” to you just to think about, to be with, to contemplate, to consider.

I invite you to chat with me through the blog and let me know how this quote – this statement – works in your life for you. And give me your thoughts about it because part of what I am hoping we will develop is a community of thoughtful, heartful, peaceful people living their spiritual life together.

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