Spiritual Exercise: Releasing Judgement

Not My Will

Whenever you need need spiritual help in getting your small will or ego out of the way, using this quote will assist. This quote represents spiritual living and spiritual surrender rolled into one.

How to use this spiritual quote:

Say “ May this be for the highest good” to yourself when situations arise about which:

  • you feel negative/confused/worried
  • you are resistant
  • you want to change
  • you believe should be different

This practice allows you to reside in the higher states of consciousness where “right action” (the right thing to do), if anything, will arise spontaneously.

Practice applying the spiritual attitude of trust and surrender by using this quote.

Peace to you

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“May this be for the highest good.”

Now we move into part two of the blog. The whole name of this blog is not just “quotes to live by” but it is “quotes to live by and actions to take”

My whole focus, my whole thrust in teaching is that it is the actions we take that are what is important. Putting it into practice, feeling it out, living it, is what changes everything in our life.

I don’t know where the quote came from, so I can’t give credit. It came from a higher power.

The action to take would be to offer you what I do with with this quote, how I live with this quote and see how it works for you in your day.

How? You basically go through your day, and pay attention. When you need something, you want to do something, you think somebody should be doing something, or think you should be doing something, or just wanting things to be different. Any of these “shoulds” or “ought-tos” and we have many in our life, apply this statement to them first.

Let us say, I think that my mother should be different than she is and she is not, I think: “May this be for the highest good.” Whatever this situation is between her and I, may it be for the highest good. I don’t assume that I know what the highest good is.

I stop trying to presume what the highest good is in this relationship. I think I know, or think it should be different. I think it should be more peaceful… all mothers and daughters (relationships) should be peaceful. It isn’t (peaceful), so say: “May it be for the highest good.” I offer the whole situation up to the highest good. So we will see how it goes.

That is one example of how I use it. I also use it when I give Reiki. Always, before giving Reiki to anyone, I say to myself: “May this be for the highest good.”

The teaching in Reiki, as I understand it, is that you move the personality aside to let Reiki in. You allow Reiki do it and you don’t decide that you know what is best for the person you are providing Reiki to.

“May this be for the highest good`,” is the perfect statement in that situation.

The statement runs through me, pretty well all day and it allows me the humility to realize that I don’t know what the best outcome for any situation is.

I invite you to play with it, and give me some feedback – comment on the blog. See the notation of the site address below and until next time, peace to you.

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9 Responses to Spiritual Exercise: Releasing Judgement

  1. I am so happy to be able to be experiencing these video blogs with you! Lovely!
    With regards to ‘Let it be for the Highest Good’…You taught me this some 12 years ago or so and I can’t tell you how often using this mantra has helped me deal with the many difficult situations we go through in daily life. I have used it in car accident situations, difficult relationship situations, challenging health situations and in my work. I have found in time that through the use of these words and by the faith that they have created my whole relationship to challenging situations in general has changed. Life is easier, I am able to be more joyful and much more compassionate than I ever thought possible.
    I pass these words on to my students now with utmost confidence in their unrevealed potential. Thank you Ellen!

  2. Life has to face tough and difficult challenges. However, some become or appear difficult to overcome especially when the odds are stacked against us. Situation like these can be overcome because there is some time available to look into that but in the case of situations that will arise spontaneously, exercising on this spiritual quote you have shared here will work as a MANTRA!

  3. Brandice says:

    AFAIK you’ve got the answer in one!

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