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Supporting a Spiritual Group: The Loveproject

Dr. David R. Hawkins, M.D. PhD (Veritas Publishing) tells us the power of expressing loving thoughts is profound.

This humble spiritual group began with the intention of raising mass consciousness through the power of offering simple thoughts of love.

As a spiritual group, we quietly and without fanfare, go about our day expressing the power of Love by expressing loving thoughts to each other.

Consider what a lit candle does to a dark room. Consider many lit candles in a dark room and you have the essence of the Loveproject.

I am supporting this project from my video blog and I will happily offer reminders from time to time.

You are most welcome to Join Us at

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Welcome to the blog. I thought I would talk about the lovingthoughts project.

I wanted to talk to you about a project that was started by a friend of mine and that I carried on since 2006 called the loving thoughts project. It carries a very sweet intention which is to gather some people online – most of us have never met – and follow what Dr. David R. Hawkins suggested about the power of love. We send loving thoughts to each other in the group with the intention of raising our consciousness into the loving field of energy – the energy field of Love. By doing so – because of loves power – we hope to raise the vibration of the whole of consciousness.

The group is very quiet. We don’t chat and seldom share; we just do. Once in awhile the group members might offer words that are intended to be inspiring.

I would like bring the loving thoughts project into the video blog because this can be a perfect venue for that kind of group intention. I cannot make you be loving or express loving thoughts.

There was no form – such as at 11 o’clock you must stop and express loving thoughts. The idea of the project was that it would motivate you to feel better and see the ease of living in love and expressing loving thoughts to each other in the group. It was never supposed to be regimented.

I will offer a reminder through this medium, the video blog for myself and whomever is interested in sending loving thoughts.

Consider sending loving thoughts to the group attending this blog and as well as the Doing so may help to increase our numbers as well as to cement the group intention of raising our consciousness. This change will continue to allow the project to be easy and open and flexible.

Give me some feedback and I will type this up for the online yahoo group with the intention of ending it there and bringing it here.


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