Spiritual Quote: Peace begins with me

I am Responsible for What I Experience

Contemplate the spiritual quote, “Peace Begins with me” most especially when you notice yourself rejecting, judging, or disowning the events and people in your life.

Who is responsible for what you feel? Who chooses, who controls your state of mind?

Contemplate taking responsibility for every negative reaction, no matter the apparent cause. This is a first step in forgiveness.

Consider how it would change your life if you knew you had the choice to be peaceful or to be at war with the events, thoughts, and/or actions of another and of course, your self.

Peace begins with me.

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Hello its Ellen Sutherland.

We are back again with Quotes to Live by and Actions to take. So this is part one; quotes to live by.

I thought I would talk about “Peace begins with me.” It is a wonderful quote. Peace begins with me. There is all this war around us – people getting angry, people getting impatient in line, people in traffic cutting-in and being rude. They are warlike, never mind what is going on globally, which seems to be a constant situation that somewhere in the world there is a war.

It is interesting that somewhere in the world there is a war and I am always aware of it. When I am aware of a war, then I own that. I own that as being part of my consciousness.

Peace begins with me…does that mean I am never at war? No. Dr. David R. Hawkins (www.veritaspub.com) says, and it is very helpful to remember this, it is not that you never fall into these situations where you are annoyed or upset or angry.

Once we are a saint, we are a saint…but before then, we fall into those situations. They are our lessons. What is important is that you realign the intention, realign the “ship” and get back on track.

The on-track part is “What is my commitment?” My commitment is to be peaceful. Peace begins with me. When I judge what is going on in the world, I am in war within my mind. If I judge it in a way that says it is wrong and should be different, meaning I react negatively. I am in a war with myself and whomever is out there as part of my experience.

I think about that and be with that and tell myself that I don’t know what is going on. I have decided it should be different and I could let that go (and realign with my spiritual intention) because what I really want is peace. If I really want peace I need to let go of all of that which triggers anything but peace and just surrender it.

Surrender it to God, if that works for you – for me. I surrender it to God, or I surrender it to a Higher Power; I surrender it to Sentient-ness; That which created this energetic that we use as our body, as our self.

However you hold Higher Power is not of any interest to me. I hope you do, is what I hope for you. If you don’t, why are you here? You must have some interest in spirituality to have walked into this blog. But however you hold it is up to you in your heart. We all seem to want peace on our spiritual path.

We certainly are united – all of us; all of our different ways are united. Whether we are Christian or Buddhist or we have made our own kind of understanding of spirituality; it doesn’t matter what it is. We are all united in the intention of peace and peace begins with me.

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