Spiritual Exercise: Noticing Your Inner State

We want to be more peace filled.

 How can we do that?

First we must notice when we are at war: awareness is the first step to change.

Spend time noticing your inner state. Notice when you are less than peaceful.

Be gentle with yourself. Remind yourself you are learning to focus on peace.

Jot down what you notice; journal about it. You can download journal sheets at my site: www.ellensutherland.com (Look at the top of the column on the right.)

Deciding to be peaceful and noticing when you are sets up an energetic that helps to bring you to balance.

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Noticing your inner state – are you truly peaceful:

The second part of “Peace begins with me,” is about taking some action, some practice, finding some useful way of applying this.

The first and most important way to apply the practices is to begin to notice.

It was not until I began to notice all the things all the ways that I reacted and acted toward others and myself that I was able to even deal with any of them. How could I change what I didn’t see? So awareness is most important.

“Peace begins with me?” Then I need to be aware when I am in war. That is my encouragement to you for this time.

Get yourself a journal. You can download journal sheets at my site: www.ellensutherland.com. (Look at the top of the column on the right.) Consider doing that and write down the times when you notice, so you have to notice – write down the times when you feel less than peaceful. Notice them.

Don’t judge yourself for them. You are beginning to focus on “Peace begins with me.”

Focus on the ways you are not being peaceful. Be gentle with yourself. Be peaceful with yourself and notice those ways. Be aware of them. That is really a first step.

Awareness is more potent than is often realized. If your intention is to be peaceful and you have become aware of not being peaceful, the awareness sets up an energetic, a way of working in your mind – in your consciousness – so that you begin to notice more and more times when you are peaceful and when you want to be. The practice begins to bring your intention into balance – especially if you do not “war” about it. We can get into such war with ourselves when we want peace.

I encourage you, in the “actions to take” part of the quote, “Peace begins with me,” to just notice.

Notice the times when you are at war with yourself…you are yacking in your head “…it should be different…” – the negative stuff, just notice it. Be aware of it.

Write it down. Jot it down. Put it in your Ipod. Noticing will make great change.

 Peace to you.

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