Spiritual Greeting: Namaste

Namaste (I bow to you – the God in me greets the God in You)

This blog is about acknowledging, seeing, and accepting the sacredness within you and me. It is an affirmation that is used in Nepal and India in their greeting if each other.

I am suggesting you take the essence of this profound greeting, Namaste, and express the energy, the intention of it when greeting others.

Hugging, saying hello, shaking hands will become a sacred act.

I invite you to share your experiences of this contemplation.

Peace to you.

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The whole thrust, the whole spirit of doing this blog for me (is) that I encourage and that I carry on, but that we together can find a way to bring our spiritual practice into every day life…that we get up from the meditation mat and we carry that peace and that joy and that exuberance and that zest for life – we carry that with us into life.

Today this part of the blog is always”Quotes to live by” and the next part for this will be the actions to take.

Today I thought I would slide in a word that isn’t formally a quote. It is “Namaste” which means, “I bow to you.” It is from Nepal and India. It is a very traditional Sanskrit word that is their greeting. So it is very eastern. But the greeting – under their greeting – means “The God in me greets the God in you.”

That means that every encounter in Nepal and in India, that uses Namaste, I mean they do not all do it. Yet everyone of them is saying, in a short-form way, by saying Namaste, everyone of them is saying “I accept the sacredness in me and see the sacredness in you.”

It is an affirmation. It is a wonderful, constant affirmation of the truth that we have Source, that we are source and are created by other than our own idea that we made our self. That there is a rock bottom understanding of who we are and what we are – in every greeting.

There is nothing here in North America, or in Europe. There is nothing like that. We shake hands, which is fine. We clasp the other person’s hand. A good handshake shows strength of character. We shake hands or we say hello or we nod to another person. But there isn’t yet, in our greeting, any kind of acknowledgment of either our own sacredness or the other person’s, which is what Namaste affords. And yet, there it is it is a Sanskrit word, it is not a word that we know or we remember.

I wondered if you would contemplate that every hello every handshake – that you contemplate thinking that thought, as you shake someone’s hand, as you look them in the eyes and say hello – as you hug them. That you offer them the Namaste intention; that you offer it to them.

It isn’t part of who we are to put our hands together and bow to another person. That is extremely Eastern. We can take that intention and we can inspire our “Hello” and our “Hi,” with the thought, the expression, that the God in me, greets the God in you.

I invite you to contemplate that. Talk to me about it and see if it has brought any joy and Light into your life by using it. Let me know if there is any resistance to it. Maybe we can do some problem-solving together.

Either way, enjoy. Play with it and enjoy – enjoy your contemplation of Namaste.

Peace to you.

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  1. Kalea says:

    You know what, I’m very much inclined to agree.

    • ellen says:

      Hi Kalea,
      Thank you for your comment. I find this greeting so powerful and a simple way to express the Divine in us. Peace

  2. Delphia says:

    I went to tons of links before this, what was I thinking?

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