How to Make All of your Greetings Sacred

How to Greet the Divine in Each Other

Consider turning your usual Western greeting into a sacred one.

Use your greetings in whatever form, as opportunities to silently acknowledge the Divine in others.

Use hugs, handshakes and nods as moments to “feel” the creative spark – the Creator spark – within yourself and the other.

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Welcome back. It is my hope that you have spent some time with the Namaste greeting and found a way to think about – to incorporate it into your hello’s, or your hugs, or your handshakes.

This is the “actions to take” (component) and contemplation is an action, though from the “quotes to live by” part, it may seem strange that I am pulling in “Namaste” again. But it is an important, powerful expression of the truth.

You may be at the point in your spiritual life where you are not sure it is the truth. You want it to be the truth. But you are still not sure that the Divine is within you – is within your mind, is within your thoughts, or you find it difficult to see it in some people, (which is our spiritual work…it happen lots. It is as if we are brought the most challenging people so that we can offer forgiveness and find that in ourselves.)

What we offer to another, we are more likely to find within ourselves.

Namaste is the idea or the greeting that says, “I bow to the Creator in you.” The Creator in me, is the one bowing. It is a double whammy of accepting. It acknowledges that there is the spark of the Divine within (me) as well as the spark of the Divine within another.

I thought that our “actions to take” today could step-up that contemplative practice of the quote Namaste and that we could find a way to feel the creative spark, the Creator spark, within us and perhaps ask to see it in another.

How will we do that?

Consider the possibility that within you is the Creator spark – the spark of the Divine. When it is a roaring fire we call it a saint that we are seeing and when it is the whole being, we call it an avatar. We have only had a few of those: Jesus Christ, Buddha, Zoroaster, Krishna – that we remember.

That spark is within us. And part of being in spiritual practice, part of living spiritual life, is to acknowledge that and find, as well as to accept, that it is in others.

An aspect of meditating is to get to that still, “peace beyond description.” It teaches that if it is in you, in here, then it is likely in everyone else. Some may seem to have it buried quite deeply and some may shine it out. Nevertheless, walking through life with the eyes to see and be willing to see “that spark” is there, is a great thing to do, a great “action to take.”

Namaste moves us into that, moves us toward that possibility that “possible action taking.”

How? By considering saying “hello” and behind it being “Namaste,” by offering that energy, that feeling – accepting that it is within, and (by) offering it to all the people in your life.

This a time to play with a journal, to write down what you notice. I encourage you to offer Namaste to someone that is really grumpy and see what happens within you. Offer the honoring no matter how they are, who they are, what they are – the God-made, Creator-created, is always present.

That way of sending Namaste, inflames it in you, inspires it in you, lightens you up, just because what you give, grows. Give Namaste in your hellos, in your hugs, in your thoughts. Send them that “energetic.”

Consider using your journal to write out your experiences, because miracles happen in your life when you live in these high energies of truth – the high energies, acknowledging what you are.

I would love to hear how this practice goes for you. It may not seem too different from a contemplation. This however, is a deeper application. You are not contemplating it, you are doing it, feeling it, acknowledging it in words, in thoughts, in your actions.

I hope you have fun with it and share your experiences with me.

“Namaste”…”Hello”…’feels the same, doesn’t it. We can westernize any of these Eastern ways, because it is not really the words that are important but the intention. Hello, goodbye, all of those words offer peace in our lives, the peace that is our inheritance.


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