A Contemplation on the Meaning of Security

Helen Keller: “Security is mostly superstition.”

Contemplate what security means. How can it be supersition when our whole life is focused on being secure? Is it a true concept? What is secure in your life?

This quote is offered to us from someone who was blind, deaf and dumb. What would change, be less secure in your life if you had to deal with such a body?

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I thought our quote today could be one from Helen Keller. This is an excerpt from a long statement that she made, but still, I find it really potent.

What she said was: “Security is mostly superstition.”

This is one of those quotes, like many of those quotes that are out in the world that have sustained their life, because we just get how powerful they are, how powerful the truth they reflect is. It is one of those quotes that just works and works and works within you.

So, superstition. What does that mean? What is she saying?

You remember Helen Keller, she was born blind, deaf and unable to speak, which is almost impossible to imagine. When I went to college we were put through an exercise where we had to pretend to be blind. We had a blindfold across her eyes and someone to bring us… to take us around and this was way before they widened doorways and had ramps. This was not a time of awareness for people with handicaps. Just being blind, although I had my other senses, and I knew that my blindness wasn’t real, I could take it (my vision) back anytime I wanted to, was quite a journey.

We are secure. We think that we have this body forever, and we think we have our lifestyle forever and we think that things will not change. Of course, the powers that be often show us that that’s not so, and interestingly enough, that is when we resist most fiercely.

We say it is terrible, that it is awful… how sad that someone died. It is a very interesting way to go through life. So someone who knew that there really wasn’t any security in the world, came out with this wondrous statement, offering it to us, if we want to take it, and hopefully we will take it today, and just let it work its wisdom in our hearts.

“Security is mostly superstition.”

I will let you be with it.

Don’t forget, you can download journal notes from http://www.ellensutherland.com and you are very welcome to do so. It is wonderful to just jot down your thoughts about these quotes. They can make us more flexible, less resistant, more open and willing to hear the truth, which is an amazing thing. It makes life joyful.

Peace to you and we will do part 2 later on this week.

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  1. Joni says:

    That’s really swhred! Good to see the logic set out so well.

    • ellen says:

      Hello Joni,
      Ok… “swhred” now I will have to get out the “text dictionary” So good you are enjoying the vid. Peace to you.

  2. Jane says:

    Hey, good to find someone who agrees with me. GMTA.

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