How to Change your State of Mind and Emotion

How to Change from Sad to Joy-Filled

A simple exercise to change sad to happy.

Try this brief, simple, fun way to change your state of mind. It can be carried out any where and instantly shifts you into a happier state of mind. This fun practice will teach you to release your resistance to being sad, and angry.

This is an exercise Gary Craig taught to change our state of mind.

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One of the things I was hoping to offer as part of actions to take (in the context of a quote) is Helen Keller’s idea that change is resisted, or is magical thinking, and see if we can play with changing our state of mind *finger snap*, at will.

It seems like it would be an easy thing to do, but actually you might find that it presents most resistance, especially when you are stuck in an angry state, or an upset state, or you are feeling blue, or you’re feeling sad, or you just want to stay there, and focus on it. You feel caught, and compelled to do so -to stay stuck.

I know that in this blog we will come back over and over again to this theme of changing your mind, changing your heart, changing your ideas, changing how you see, how you are willing to let go of something… all of that is change. Everything about spiritual life is becoming more and more flexible… less and less resistant… and caught in what you think you think.

I thought that we could start with something fun. This is an honoring of Gary Craig of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and one of the ways you learn to EFT, the original way, was to study his videos, he would sell you videos. In one of those videos he talks about changing your state by saying: “YES, YES, YES!”

I often offer that fun little thing to do to people, and I’ve just kind of carried it on and I think of Gary Craig and I’m very grateful to him.

It is as simple as that. You are feeling tired at work, or the kids are driving you nuts, or people are nagging at you somehow, you know there are so many ways that we can get caught in believing that we should be sad, or upset, or angry, or whatever. This suggestion of Gary Craig’s is that you go and you look into a mirror, you look straight into a mirror, and you just say: “YES, YES, YES!”

It seems silly, doesn’t it? But try it… if you want to *finger snap* change your state to joy, like that *finger snap*, boom, *finger snap*. It lifts you up, it is such a simple thing to do. It is so easy to do it, and at the same time, you know that you are playing silly, you’re losing your cool, and you are losing your cool in a way that shifts that whole phenomena, that whole understanding of what that means.
Your are losing your cool… you are opening your heart instead of shutting it off. You are opening your heart instead of dumping on someone else, or yourself. You are going: “Yes… yes!” to whatever, “Yes, yes, yes!” to whatever, whatever, whatever and it shifts you, and it lifts you, and it puts you into a completely different energy.

Try it. It is a wonderful action to take.

Please let me know how this works for you; if you have some funny stories about it. There has never been a time when I haven’t laughed when doing it, when I haven’t felt this fun child in me rise up in doing this wee little thing. I offer this to you. Please take it and play with it. Write to me at my blog address (add a comment) and tell me how it is going.

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