How to Be Happy

How to Be Happy

How do we experience true, lasting happiness? Here is a quote that helps us understand that true happiness comes from an inner state of mind. It comes from how we do a thing rather than from any rewards we might get for it. Happiness is discovered to be an inner state. We create it by assuming it to be inside. We create it by counting our blessings, by being grateful for this life.

When you find it in the inner states, through meditation, for example, it cannot be taken from you. You realize it is yours.

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Welcome. It is Ellen Sutherland, and we are Being Spiritual.

It is the beginning of the week and I thought that I would offer a profound quote, but I’m feeling cheerful and happy, and because at the end of the week we are going to be learning how to feel energy, I thought that it would be kind of fun to have a lighter quote… although it is very truthful.

The quote is anonymous, by someone who just put it out there, and it is: “Some people pursue happiness and others create it.”

I’m kind of stuck on quotes because they start the process of deepening, and thinking and wondering.

So, when you are looking for something outside of yourself you are forever trying to find it, first, then keep it, because you don’t think that it is yours.

There are many people who look within and, using gratitude, what they used to say when I was a wee little girl: “Counting your blessings,” which is a gratitude practice.

When you go into those inner states and look for happiness then it can never be taken away, it is always your choice. That really aligns with being spiritual. Being spiritual is not just trying to find ways to apply spirituality or discover it, it’s here, it is already here, and your being the aspects, the qualities of a spiritual person. Qualities of spirituality which is love and peace and joy and power, and you are being them, you are constantly choosing them over any other state which is a great and profound practice, and sometimes a lot of work.

Finding happiness within, really deciding that you can find it within, and creating it, you become a light unto the world; just by being yourself. You know something that those who are pursuing happiness cannot know, that those who look outside of themselves for something to make them happy are still to learn, they haven’t learned that yet.

You are realizing and growing that joy. That is, you are uncovering it, as you.

Some of us have pursued happiness and it is like pouring water on a desert. You have to pour a lot of water and pour it on all of the time, to keep the desert growing, to keep the moisture happening. The conditions are such that it goes away.

When you are looking for happiness outside of yourself, you always find that it doesn’t quite do it. It doesn’t stay. You might win in a sports game, that is a great feeling, you worked really hard, and you win (somebody loses), you win. Then you have to enter another game, you have to apply yourself again, and again, and again, to get awards and rewards, to get that same feeling.

However, if you feel that you have, with integrity, applied your very best, in any moment, then you have created your own happiness, you have won. You are besting yourself. You are being the best you can be. That feeling comes from inside, that joy, that accomplished feeling, that wonderful feeling of having set out and achieved what it is you wanted to achieve comes from the inside. Nothing will take that away. An award is not needed to confirm, or add to it. Awards are another, outer thing. They are looking outside of yourself for happiness.

I offer you this wonderful quote and I hope you enjoy your week with it.

Thank you. Peace to you.

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