How to Feel the Human Energy Field

How to Feel Energy

This article offers you a beginning “how-to” teaching in feeling the human energy field. Teach yourself to feel your own energy coming from your own hands.

It is a playful, easy to apply practice.

First Steps in feeling the human energy field

Take a deep breath.
Close your eyes.
Be playful.
Bring your hands together, palm to palm, in front of you.
Imagine Divine Energy, or bright white light coming down through the crown of your head, into your neck, shoulders, arms and coming out the palms of your hands.
Bring your palms very close together.
Feel and notice the change.
Move them apart a few inches, then one foot, two feet,
Feel and notice the change.
Move them back together.
Feel and notice the change.
Move one palm away from the other.
Feel and notice the change.
Return your hands to a palm to palm position.
Feel and notice the change.
Be playful.
Practice frequently.

The honing of sensation may take some of you time. Others may feel energy immediately. Until you become accustomed to energy being a part of your awareness, the sensations may come and go. This is normal.

Practice sensing your body’s energy field with a fun-loving attitude.

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Hello and welcome. I am Ellen Sutherland and welcome to Being Spiritual.

I thought today that I would teach you how to feel energy.

Feeling energy was my first step into spiritual practice. It was my first venture into: “There is more going on here than I realize.” It (energy) brought me and brings me, a great deal of joy and fun. It is so interesting to be aware of and feel energy.

From a deeply spiritual perspective, we are told that it is what we are – that we are a thought of God, a thought of the Creator. We are of the flow. We are not this corporeal body, we are energy.

It is very helpful to begin to become very familiar and comfortable with the energy that emanates from everything.

I am not saying that I can feel the energy that emanates from everything, but I can feel it from most things. I think that I can pass on and demystify the whole experience of feeling energy and I think that would be kind of fun to play with.

My first absolute awareness of energy was when I was at a lecture in Toronto, Ontario with Delores Kreiger. My brother bought me tickets to see and hear her speak. He thought that she was a very interesting woman and that I would find the whole experience interesting and so I went.

Quite frankly it was a little above my head. I wasn’t into the energetics field at all at the time, so I was kind of bored. By the end of it, and she was a great lady, she was a doctor of nursing and here she was, speaking to a medical group, attempting to get them to open to the idea that there was actually energy fields and that we could be in touch with them.

At the very end of the lecture she had us all close our eyes, imagine energy coming down the top of our heads, down our shoulders, into our arms, down into our hands. Then she asked that we put our hands together, palm to palm and notice and be aware. And I could immediately feel this amazing… kind of… awareness.

That is the trouble with energy, you know, everybody puts their words on it, so, if someone interprets their words, (and we all do interpret words) the wrong way, then, you may think, I can’t feel “that.”

So, when you put your hands together, you can feel a resistance, or a slight pressure, or sometimes a tingling in your hands, or sometimes a warmth in your hands…sometimes it is just an awareness that you can’t… that is unspeakable, indescribable. But there is a very subtle, subtle sense of presence.

Now as you put your attention on that subtlety, it becomes very loud. Eventually you walk down the street and the whole of your body is aware of energy, from people, from buildings, from the earth, from cars, it doesn’t matter… the whole world will speak to you energetically.

Doesn’t that make sense? If you put your attention on it, you notice it, you become interested in it. Doesn’t it make sense that you will be aware, very well, very acutely, aware?

So, let’s play with that. I invite you to close your eyes, take a deep breath, and just imagine Divine Light, coming down through the top of the head, the neck, shoulders and arms and into your hands. Or you can imagine a light bulb, a very bright, white light coming down through into your hands.

Bring your hands together… just a few inches apart… and just notice. Bring them back and forth. You might feel the heat of your hands. Whatever sensation you are aware of and remember, we are talking about a very subtle sensation. Do not expect loud feelings here. It may be like a very light breeze moving against your skin… feel how subtle that is (waves her hand lightly near her other arm). For some people it is even more subtle than that.

As you put your attention on it, moving your hands back and forth… together… (apart)… together… Now take one hand and move it away from the palm (a forward, slow, chopping motion).

It is very helpful to keep your eyes closed to shut down the visual stimulation. Moving you hand away from the other… it is likely that you will feel a difference.

Your mind might say, logically, that is just body heat (that I am feeling)and it may well be that that is what you are experiencing. But beyond the body heat is an energetic, and as you put your attention on that energetic, you realize that you are learning something brand new; something that you have not been taught to be aware of. So it is brand new and it is subtle.

Give yourself lots of leeway to (e.g.) lose your awareness. Putting your hands together and saying, “I think I feel something!” then realizing it is gone, (is normal, is usual). You are not used to attending to the energetic coming off the body. Like meditation, like many of these non-physical things, it is very simple, and, it takes attention (to learn).

So that is how you feel energy.

I’ve brought some plants up and I will show you how to feel the energy from a plant (in my video next week) and I want you to just try it.

If you feel uncomfortable going out into the world and tree hugging, feeling the energy of a tree, or you don’t want to stand out, use the privacy of your own home. You can go through your bookshelf.

That is what I did when I came home from my lecture… I felt all my plants, I felt all my books… it was amazing! At the time I was a neophyte, at the time… (thinking pause) Gray’s Anatomy! Gray’s Anatomy!… Not the program, the book. Gray’s Anatomy book was the strongest energy I could feel from my books. And at the time I had no spiritual books… I had books on pyramid energy, and things like that. I was more interested in things like psychology and that sort of thing.

Gray’s Anatomy! I was just fascinated by the whole thing (feeling energy). Sometimes I could feel really easily the energy of things and other times it was as if my hands had switches on them and they turned off. So again, be willing to know, that you will get better and better at it as you put your attention on it and practice. And some days it seems easier to feel it than other days.

How to feel the human energy field continues in part two…

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