How to Feel the Human and other Energy Fields

How to Feel the Human and other Energy Fields Part 2

I continue to share with you how to feel the energy field from your own body, plants, crystals, rocks and pets. You are encouraged to take a playful attitude. Seriousness, and concern about succeeding at it, makes feeling energy difficult, if not impossible.

Part 2 reviews how to bring energy into our hands as follows:

– Imagine light pouring down through top of your head,neck, shoulders, arms and into your hands,

– bring your hands together, palm to palm,

– focus on any slight, subtle sensation, for example, tingling, heat, resistance, awareness of a presence.

I encourage you to also scan the energy fields out in nature; at the seaside, lakeside, and in the desert. Feel rocks and trees and compare and notice the differences in each energy fields. In this way, you are learning on a non-verbal level.

Remember the feeling you are scanning is a subtle one and your awareness of it may come and go. Let no one tell you how you should feel an energy field. The awareness of energy opens up a completely new awareness. You will learn to notice the energy scan everything and compare and notice what you feel.

Have fun!

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Hello, and welcome to Being Spiritual. I’m Ellen Sutherland.

We are going to continue this week playing with energy, and we are going to see how we do, finding a plant or something in our home to feel energy. Maybe a person; maybe someone will volunteer. I’m going to use a plant, and perhaps a few crystals and my own arm to demonstrate.

Hold on to your hat, it should be lots of fun.

It is very cold where I live so I’m not going to take you outside to a tree which would be a wonderful thing to do. If you remember, when we were first playing with how to feel energy we imagined it coming down through the crown, the top of our head, through our heads and neck, down through the shoulders and into our hands. Then we placed our hands together and felt a very subtle energy.

Here is a living thing, a plant, and this living thing gives off an energy field, and again, that is only only something I’m telling you until you can experience it and that’s what this is about, for you to play with experiencing energy.

We do the exercise, we do the practice… closing our eyes, imagining the light coming down, through your neck, down your shoulders and your arms and into your hands, and bringing your hands together. You can feel what for most of you will be very subtle, almost rubbery resistance. It can go away if you go too quickly. So bring your hands together very slowly and see what you can feel. Play with it, bring your hands far apart and see how far you can go and still detect the energy radiating from you hands.

I’ve worked with energy for a very long time and I am very sensitive to it because I am very focused on it. I can from lots of things and from very far away. But, in the beginning, I could only feel it with my hands really close together. Don’t criticize yourself for that, or judge yourself for that in any way. It is a brand new awareness, a new sensation.

Remember when we first played with it, we put our hands together like that (palm to palm with a space between them), then we moved them apart (palms no longer facing each other) just so we would notice the difference. Move them away… bring them back… very subtle.

You can also place your hands around your head… again, a very subtle feeling. You may feel it more in your body than in your hands. It does not matter where you feel it, you are learning. In the beginning you are just trying to notice.

Many times in my Reiki classes I would have students who were very able to feel energy, very quickly, a virtuoso in energy. They were often very intimidating to the rest of the class for often the rest of us would be very slow in feeling it consistently, or feeling it at all.

My own experience with feeling energy was that some days I could feel it really easily, and some days it would just be gone. With a virtuoso in a class sometimes people would come to the wrong conclusions about feeling energy. This little series is about showing you that it is a very rare person who cannot experience energy. You may experience it very differently than I am sharing, you just want to see if you can feel it.

Some people see it. I can see energy at times, and more easily with some people than others. Sometimes (perhaps more easily) you can see it in nature, like in forests, at the top of the trees,like the Aurora Borealis. The energy just kind of wavers around.

But that’s maybe a little ahead of ourselves. Right now we are just seeing what we can feel in our hands, around our own body… perhaps you can grab a loved one, and just plunk them down in a chair and just see if they will let you play with just feeling around their energy.

The energy field goes out maybe 40 or 50 feet and, as you get better at it, you will notice that it is like Neapolitan ice cream; there are many layers, and many feelings in the layers. But right now, just focus.

Let’s play with the plant. This is a little begonia, and it is in bloom. It is almost always in bloom and it feels a little joy-filled to me. It is always happily expressing blossoms. This plant has a kind of narrow field right now because I moved it around. They don’t like to be moved around that much. Sometimes plants will actually faint. So it is better to get a plant or tree that is stable, that you haven’t moved. You are not going to be able to move a tree, I don’t think, but your houseplants… keep them stable.

The same with an animal. If you have a pet, a dog or a cat, come up to it very slowly, very gently, with your hands, to feel its field. You just run your hands along its field. You can come back, quite a ways, two or three feet from what you are scanning and see if you can notice where the field begins, and where the energy ends.

Just notice. Scan as many things as you possibly can. Try everything, because you are learning on a non-verbal level. You have put your awareness on learning energy work and so everything you feel will give you more and more information.

Do go out to trees and feel trees, it is lots of fun.

I said I would do crystals, I have a tiny piece of amethyst here, which is very beautiful. I just want to share the way I feel crystals, or certainly felt them in the beginning. I just put them in my hand, and put my hands over them, and just notice how they make me feel inside. So, before you do it, obviously you have to notice how you feel.

If you are feeling normally, not upset, perhaps peaceful then hold an amethyst, or any other crystal, in your hand, and just notice where you feel that. Some people may feel it up here (head), some people may feel it in their throat, or in their tummy. Some people may just have a strange sensation because it is different, and new.

For years I would pick up a crystal and feel it, and then another, so I got really good at feeling the subtleties of them.

I’ve been a rock hound all of my life, I’ve always picked up interesting rocks. This one is quite wonderful, it is a rock that has been washed by the Atlantic Ocean, and it is very heavy, maybe granite? And it’s had a lot of time with the sea. When you hold a rock like this you can feel wonderful energy.

I am reticent to tell you what I am feeling because I don’t want to color your experience. Go to the seaside, or go to the lakeside, if you are in Ontario, or if you are living in the desert, go and pick up a desert rock. Each one holds and carries a quality of energy.

Realize that we are talking about extremely subtle, in the beginning. The more you practice, the more you play, the more you will have fun and realize that this is opening a whole new world for you. You can, for example, walk down a street of houses and you can feel the house that is empty. You can feel a house that is joy-filled, you can people that are joy-filled.

Please let me know how you are doing with practicing feeling energy, and please don’t be discouraged, it is a very subtle feeling, and the more you play, the more you let your doubts go, play with the sensation of feeling your own body (energy), the more success you will have.

Peace to you.

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