How to Offer Spiritual Help to the Japanese People

Japan. What can we do?

When disasters happen in life, such as the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, many feel called to help.

High spiritual teachings such as, “This world is an illusion or the body is unreal,” are of little assistance to others faced with starvation, faced with any of the many forms of pain commonly experienced in such events.

How can we help? We can take action. We take the action available to us in the moment, such as offering money, food, physical assistance, and emotional comfort.

Yet we find ourselves asking a deeper question. What else we can do that is fundamentally important from a spiritual context? Firstly, we can clear our emotional dross away. We can unhook ourselves from the sadness, the horror, the fear as much as possible, as we notice it rising up in us.

Then, from a place of inner clarity, we can send them appreciation, love and peace.

Peace is profoundly powerful.

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Hello, it’s Ellen Sutherland – we are being spiritual.

So I have been talking about energy and gratitude. That has been the last two themes and I have carried them on for a couple of rounds. I don’t feel in any way nearly finished with gratitude and I have a lot of plans for the energy part.

I thought we could talk a little bit more… given what is going on in the world right now (March 11, 2011 earthquake/tsunami.)

The big, huge events – the events with lots of people, lots of catastrophe, lots of intense feelings, are the ones that attract our attention. We really notice them. If you pull back from that, which is part of what we do in spiritual life, we unhook our self from the intensity and the attraction to dramatize. We pull back from that in serenity, in peace and “be” with the situation.

Every day – every moment of every day – someone is in pain, someone is dying, someone is being born, someone is hurt, someone is rejected, someone falls in love. This is a constant stream of continuous life going on, which always includes the shedding of the body in death.

So some of the spiritual lessons are very hard to hold, to hold heart-fully or to hold without shutting the heart down. I notice a lot of spiritual people will shut their heart down to speak a spiritual truth. Others that are moving into becoming more spiritual more, open to love and peace and joy, are turned off by what seems to be a heart-less focus.

Right now, the Japanese people are dealing with an extremely, profoundly social experience of loss. It’s loss on a physical basis, loss of their livelihood, their land, their way of life, their memorabilia. We are often caught up in our memories and things and stuff. The survivors of the “natural” experience, the survivors, are now facing all sorts of hardships from lack of water, to what is going on in the nuclear atomic situation where a couple have blown up and they are dealing with radiation levels.

The highest spiritual teachers tell us that this world is not real. The body is not real. “A Course In Miracles” tells us the body is not real, that we have made it up. They all say to become “Enlightened” you just let go of the body, let go of the world, let go of your attachments – over and over. That is the highest spiritual intention and, if you walk passed someone that is hungry and say, “The body is not real.” to them; if you walk passed someone who is in pain and say, “The body is not real.” to them; if you walk passed someone who is in deep distress and say, “The body is not real.” there is something heart-less about that. It is both true (from a higher perspective) and it is brought before you. This situation is before you. In my understanding when a situation is brought before we do what we can, without attachment. How is that?

Am I sad for the Japanese people? Am I in mourning with them? On some level, yes. On some level, yes, very much so. What can I do here in the very easterly end of Canada? Perhaps offer them some money, but from a spiritual point of view, I can do a lot. This is what I am hoping that we can focus on today.

I believe that the power of the Higher Energy fields are profound. We have no real understanding of the profundity of them. A handful of avatars in our world have shifted and changed so much.

If you feel called to get on a plane and go to Japan and help, go; go! If you don’t, what you can do is unhook yourself from the sadness, the horror, the fear, as much as possible. Just keep unhooking yourself and send them the highest energy you can, such as appreciation. You only have to think of the Japanese culture and what you love about it. Appreciation, love, peace – you send that to them because, right now the whole world is totally focused on them in sadness or horror or fear that that is going to happen to us, and all those feelings are of lower energies. They are powerful when millions of people are focused on them and what we can do, remember they have really done a lot of documentation about prayer being powerful. Prayer is of a high vibration. What you can do is send them peace. Send them love. Send them, not pity, but a high energy of compassion, and trust that this event will unfold in to something which we have no idea of the positiveness of it. No idea of what good will come of it. We have no idea. Take our judgment away from it – if that is the best you can do (then) take your judgment away from it, take your horror from it, take all the low energies from it and offer it as much peace as you can.

Peace. Peace is profoundly powerful.
Peace to you.

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