Energy fields – A Spiritual Perspective

Energy Awareness is Spiritually Helpful

What is the point of feeling energy fields?
Why become aware of energy as a spiritual student?
Isn’t doing so a distraction?
Your sensory apparatus of sight, hearing, taste, and touch, constantly reinforces your physicality. They constantly pull on our awareness keeping you focused on the physical.

Experiencing the energy of all that surrounds you, including your own body, can be used as a constant reminder of the fundamental truth of what you are. It can help remove your utter belief in physicality.

Place feeling the energy of anything in the context of increasing and reminding you that you are energy. It then not only becomes easier to focus on your essence but makes it a spiritual practice.

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Hello. It’s Ellen Sutherland. I thought we would carry on with some more on energy. As much fun as it is to feel energy fields and to feel the energy of stones and trees and plants – anything really – as much fun as that is, from a spiritual perspective, what good is it? What help is it?

Certainly we will get into energy work, what it does as far as helping to balance the body. I have also had experiences of releasing the physical environment of heavy negative energy or (releasing) things, like a piano, for example, I helped a friend release negative energy from a piano and so on, such as clearing the negative energy from land. Besides doing that, which is wonderful and fun and feels good, being aware of energy, more than the physical, or at least as much as the physical, moves us toward a deeper and more profound understanding of being spiritual.

If we are a Thought of God, or if we are Energy – however you hold that – if we are the Field of Consciousness, if we are the Peace that is indescribable, if that is our nature, if that is the true essence of us, then it bodes us well that we keep focusing and that we keep noticing and being aware of what we are – being more attracted to that than the physical “stuff.” We have constant reinforcement, we are constantly reinforced that we are physical. Our sensory apparatus is constantly telling us this is real. In spiritual life, as we move higher and higher into our intention, that is what we do, we shed the world, we let go of the world, we let go of all these attachments in order to realize the truth of ourselves – to Realize – to become Enlightened – to uncover what we are which in my understanding is an energetic, a sentient or an alive energetic – an alive Awareness, with a capital “A.” So that is the whole interesting focus of realizing that we are energy and I would hold that in your heart as to why you would play with it. Why would you put your attention on energy work or feeling energy or being aware of it, that’s why because it ultimately helps us to gracefully move into deeper practice of all we are.

So I thought I would share that with you. Next time we will play with some tapping energy (technique) and talk a little bit about Reiki in a further talk and maybe even some of the basic Do In which is another energetic foundation of balancing mind, spirit and body.

Until then, Peace to you.

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