Outline of the Body’s Energy System – Part 1

Brief Map of Chakras and Meridians

The body holds 7 major areas of energy, called chakras.
Position and color of body chakras

It also contains many hundreds of tiny points of energy, which are mapped out in the body. They are called meridian points and lines. Except for two lines, the one running down the center of the back of the body and the one running up the center of the front, each meridian line corresponds to major organ systems and are paired on either side of the body.

Typically, the body’s energy is effected by how we feel. Fear, for example, lowers the body’s energy specifically in the area where we hold the tension or the feeling of fear. The theory is that if there is not enough energy in the body, if there is not enough energy in certain areas – you have it held back and shut it down. Then those areas tend to be susceptible to illness.

We will continue this discussion in Part 2.

Peace to you.

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Hello I am Ellen Sutherland and we are Being Spiritual.

So as we carry on talking about energy, it seems to me that it would be very helpful if I give you a little thumbnail sketch about the energetic of the body, since we are going to be playing with tapping therapy and talking about Reiki. It seems to me that it would be helpful to give you some understanding of energy. Perhaps you are beginning to feel the energy of different parts of the body.

The body is energetically expressed. That is the best way I can think to say it. It has a number of major energy plexuses – the places where much energy congregates and they are called Chakras.

There is one (chakra) at the crown and its corresponding base one is at the coccyx bone, at the very base of the body – the trunk of the body. Then there is one at the third eye in the forehead. One is at the throat. One beside the physical heart at the center of the body (chest.) One is located at the place where the breastbone and the ribs meet, just above the stomach – the solar plexus. One is just below the navel and as I said, the one at the base. Now there are further energetics, but we won’t get into that. I am just going to give you a brief outline.

At the same time, in these areas of (energy) convergence, there are also many, many, hundreds of points of energetics, situated throughout the body. It is expressed very much like the capillary system or the vein and artery and capillary system. They (the meridian points) – which came first the chicken or the egg? – they feed the body with energy or the body evolves out of the energetic, however you want to look at that.

When we think a thought, when we believe a belief, when we express a positionality, if you like, if it is one that causes fear or any negative emotion, we subtly stop the energy in different areas of the body. If you are in fear, there is often something that occurs at the stomach, where you tense the stomach, at the same time, the energetic in that area is tamped down, turned down. People have many such patterns. For example, you may have learned when you were very little to be afraid of the dark. As soon as someone turns your bedroom door handle at night, you have an automatic tightening go on in your body. It might be at your shoulders, your neck or your jaw, the tension could be anywhere.

We have all these patterns. We don’t even notice. I found one in myself, over the last ten years, where we may hold our breathing when there is an upset. Over years and years of holding breathing there, the energy in that area is compromised – (energy) is lowered, and so the body can tend to get ill in that area, for example.

That is the theory, that if there is not enough energy in the body, if there is not enough energy in certain areas – you have it held back and shut it down – it tends to get, it tends to be susceptible to illness. Then there is all sorts of genetic predispositions and all sort of other things come into that.

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