Can You be Unconditionally Loving?

Is Unconditional Love Possible?

The quote for you this week is:”Love as I have loved you,” – Jesus

It is offered to encourage you to consider moving towards being unconditional in your loving attitude toward your self and/or others. It is offered in the trust that you will take it in and contemplate whether you believe unconditional love is possible.

Jesus was a perfect model for this love. He was able to move beyond mores and social beliefs and remain true to the heart of the matter: offering love. Consider how to be unconditional in your life.

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Hello I am Ellen Sutherland and we are Being Spiritual.


I was looking around today for a quote. It has been awhile since I have posted a quote. I have a lot of them and what has been moving through me, and I trust my nudges, my inner nudges, is the theme of unconditional love. So I am looking for a quote for unconditional love that really says it all without any political (agenda), or guilt-tripping, or anything like that. What did I come across but, in the back of my “A Course In Miracles” book, some one sent me a card, years ago actually, this is the card, (shows card). “Love as I have loved you.” Jesus. is painted in yellow paint on a wooden fence like a graffiti.

I don’t know if Jesus said this, but whomever said it or thought it, really encapsulated for me the idea of unconditional love. Jesus was able to look beyond the social mores – the social times. He was able to pull himself beyond all the trappings of, this-is-what-you-should-do, the political correctness, and just be with his heart. And his heart said, “Well if there is a Samaritan or other nationality, creed, or whatever, on the road needing help, of course you would stop to help him, of course you would. And he told his story about that which was kind of shocking at the time because, wow, who would do that? It is kind of like today, what would be a similar thing today. Something similar today would be to know a phedophile, personally know a phedophile and want to help them if they were in distress. They are pretty much the pariahs of society, certainly of our Western society right now. They are the ones taking the brunt of being evil. The next in line I think are serial killers but somehow they do not seem to be as hated as pedophiles. Interesting.

Unconditional love. For me, my offering around this idea right now would be to consider or think about whether you feel it is possible to love unconditionally. Do you really feel that concept is possible? Recently I was with some and she said that, kind of tossed it off as if it were an obvious truth, that she did not think it (unconditional love) was possible. That situation has had me thinking about how some can feel that it is very much a possibility and that others do not. Perhaps the place where those two beliefs meet has something to do with judgment and forgiveness.

I just thought, unconditional love: Love as I have loved you, Jesus. It is a wonderful way to walk through life, whether we manage it or not, the intention helps us to re-align, re-align, re-align yet again when we fall away from our highest intention and we judge someone or get angry or where ever we go with that; feel that we are not forgiveable; because that means (when you feel that way) that you are not loving your self unconditionally, either.

I offer you that; I offer you that quote and hope it stirs all sorts of wonderful new ways of looking at unconditional love and even the potential of unconditional love in your life.

Peace to you.

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