Spiritual Quote: Resisting Brings Up its Opposite

Force Brings About Counter-Force

My quote this week is from the book “At Your Heart’s Pace,” and it is:

“Resisting a thing brings up the opposite of what we want.
Force brings about counter-force.”

We typically resist “what is.” It is a common response when events do not match our beliefs of how life should be. Often we will try to force change both on another and our self in order to match our beliefs – our “shoulds”.

Contemplating this quote can assist in revealing the futility of forcing a situation to be different than it is and may reveal a gentler path, an easier way to moving toward what we are aiming at.

Becoming unconditional in our kindness, in our expression of peace or joy can only be realized when we are like the state we want. Thus resistance, or force, moves us away from the states we say we want.

You are encouraged to consider this quote. Let it roll around inside your heart. Let its teaching reveal another choice. Ask what it is you want and think about how you must respond to life in order to receive it or achieve it.

Peace to you.

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Hello, I am Ellen Sutherland and here we are Being Spiritual.

My quote this week is from the book “At Your Heart’s Pace,” and it is, “Resisting a thing brings up the opposite of what we want – force brings about counter-force.” That is the contemplation – what we are to hold in mind; what we hold inside of us. We let it work within us.

Resistance: what does that mean and how does that work in our life? I think that some of the more obvious ways that resistance plays out in our life is that we say (and feel that) something is awful – some happening in life is awful. “Isn’t it awful they died young. Isn’t it awful they died. Isn’t it terrible that we are having such a harsh winter. Isn’t it awful how that person has left the other person. Whatever event in life that you judge as wrong, you are resisting “what is”.

Up comes lots of feelings when that is said, lots of feelings. People get very incensed. “What are you being passive, (by accepting that,) you want to just let the world roll over you? You want to not do anything about any event that happens in your life? It can be very upsetting for people to hear that they are resisting “what is”.

What I want (and so encourage) you to also hold, and I am working with this all the time, is the concept of being unconditional. Unconditional. All the great great spiritual avatars: Krishna, Buddha, Jesus, and Zoroaster, all talked about absolutes – they talked from absolute states. They gave us that ideal, so unconditional love, unconditional kindness, unconditional sweeping life-attitudes, were part of their teachings.

All of the great teachings, all of the great spiritual teachings ask us to be unequivocal and not to leave out any aspect of society or any situation. We are asked not to judge. Of course what do we do all the time? We are asked not to reject, not to resist – unconditional love, peace, joy – all of those states of energy, the highest of those states, which they talk about being complete in and of themselves, are achieved when, or are realized that’s why the word used is realized (to describe the state). When we let go of what blocks it. What blocks it is resistance to “what is.”

Force equals counter-force. “I’m going to make that person be different. I’m going to make myself be different…” all of that (that attitude) is forceful and harsh and resistant and actually makes us accept on some level that it (force) is real and more real perhaps than peace.

We are asked not to exclude anything, not to resist anything. I mean that’s put another way. We are even asked to totally trust, to totally surrender our will, our idea of how life should be – that is the highest and most absolute. We are moving toward that, we are moving toward unconditional so resisting a thing, brings up its opposite, brings up the opposite of what we want.

A Course In Miracles tells us that everything that happens in this world is perfect, is perfect for us, is a perfect experience for us. Resisting that perfection means that we cannot see its perfection, find its perfection because we are too busy pushing it away.

I hope you will find that quote helpful, that you can think about it, contemplate with it, and see its wisdom, and that it may actually make being spiritual an easier process for you.

Peace to you.

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