Tapping Therapy & Spiritual Living?

Tapping Therapy as a Life Skill

Why put Tapping Therapy (EFT©), which is a physical technique, in a book of spiritual exercises?

Tapping Therapy can be very helpful in teaching us fear is easily handled, by offering a fast, simple technique to release it.

In spiritual living, our daily practices bring up hidden, negative feelings. Whatever negative beliefs we do encounter, some of which may be suppressed, block the way to reaching any spiritual state or intention.

So we can get stuck in fears that feel real and permanent. Tapping Therapy teaches us to release them quickly. It proves to us that negative feelings are merely blocked energy.

Those are the reasons Tapping Therapy it is included in with every spiritual exercise in my book, “At Your Heart’s Pace.” It is one of the 4 major tools offered that can be used to release negative and stuck feelings.

I also remind you of the other tapping and energy video blogs that I have previously offered. You might like to review them.

Peace to you.

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Welcome. I am Ellen Sutherland and we are Being Spiritual.

I thought I would talk a little bit about why you would put Tapping Therapy (EFT©), which is what I have been talking about (and demonstrating) for the last number of blogs, why you would put that in a book of spiritual exercises, since most spiritual exercises – all the ones in my book anyway – are about being in a different state of consciousness than physical, while tapping is extremely physical.

Sometimes we can get really caught up in the fear and fear feels very stuck in us. The world has not taught us well about how to extract our self or to diminish the whole concept of fear. Fear is strongly believed-in in the world and it is certainly reinforced constantly – pretty well anywhere we look.

Spiritual practices bring up lots of negative feelings. Whatever blocks the way to say, unconditional love, will come up. Doesn’t it make sense? If it (fear) is in us, hidden and suppressed or if it is in us and we believe it is the only way we can be, and we have made the commitment to be loving or peaceful or kind – then whatever blocks that, whatever belief blocks that; that says you can only be kind to a certain number of people, but those few over there, they are rotters and you cannot be kind to them. They (people you judge) will come up into your life.

EFT© or Tapping Therapy, any of the tapping protocols, can be very, very helpful in teaching us that fear is not real. It can show us that yes, it can get stuck (in us) because we believe it needs to be held onto, but as we learn to release it, that “stuckness” part that seems to be not of our volition, we begin to see that it is (of our own volition.) We have total control of letting it go and not attending to it. Tapping Therapy helps with that realization.

Over the past month or so in this blog, I covered Tapping Therapy in detail. I tried to get you comfortable with this practice, with its concepts, with its history and how it works, as well as giving you a brief overview of the energy systems of the body. I consider Tapping Therapy a part of the essential spiritual toolkit, which is why I included it in my book, “At Your Heart’s Pace.” I hope you find it helpful.

Peace to you.

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