Test (Exam) Anxiety – Tapping Demonstration

How to Relieve Test/Exam Anxiety

This video walks you through an actual tapping for test anxiety.

  • identify the negative emotion (for example, you become very afraid thinking about writing a text,completing an oral exam)
  • chart the intensity you are feeling on a scale of 0-10
  • address psychological reversal
  • tap the meridian points as directed – use this blog as a verbal and visual guide

When you tap, be gentle all you are doing is wiggling blocked energy free from particular points on the body. Tapping loosens the flow of emotion – unclogs it.

  • assess the change in negative emotional intensity
  • if negative emotion is at 0 you are done with this particular aspect of the fear
  • if not, repeat the tapping process again
  • assess the change in negative emotional intensity
  • if negative emotion is at 0 you are done with this particular aspect of the fear
  • if not, repeat the tapping process until reaching 0

Aspects are described as any further issues, memories, fearful imaginings related to test anxiety, oral or written tests or exams.

Once you have tapped out the original fear, address all the aspects. First list them and tap each of them separately, as directed above.

You may encounter more fear in the test situation itself – so far you have been tapping about the past or imagined situations. If this occurs, notice how you feel as you go to the exam situation and tap it out.

Let me know how this works for you! Enjoy being free of this exam anxiety.

Peace to you.

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Hello and welcome. I am Ellen Sutherland and here we are, being spiritual.

I have been giving you a number of blogs on Tapping Therapy and it still does not feel nearly complete to me so I thought we could try one more. This is a demonstration of test anxiety. In my life right now a somebody’s 80 year old mother is going through for her written driver’s test and has a fair bit of anxiety about it. There are many thousands – hundreds of thousands of students who have test anxiety, exam anxiety, oral exam anxiety and Tapping Therapy really is such a help in those situations that I feel it would be really wonderful to run through the protocol quite quickly to show you how quick it can be done; run through it quite quickly tapping for text anxiety. Let’s try it. Let’s go.

The first thing we have to do is to focus on the test. If you are doing the test right now that one thing but usually you are thinking about (focusing on) having to do the test; do the written test or driver’s exam or have mid-terms or have end of terms or have finals, any of the exams that we can have; A-levels or O-levels… all sorts of tests. Life has lots and lots of tests, so it will be wonderful to get rid of this anxiety and have a tool that will help with it.

So again, the first thing to do is to focus on the anxiety-ridden situation. Imagine having to write the test. Imagine walking into the room and having to write the test. On a scale of 0-10, plot where is your anxiety. Well it may be a 7. You feel the anxiety rising up in you and notice where you feel it in your body. It is very helpful when you do that. It may be in your stomach, or more in your shoulders, your jaw, you may wrinkle your forehead or tense your eyes, or you may tense your hands as you are writing. Wherever you hold it, that is how it is for you. Focus on all that tension, remember your (assessment of the tension) number.

Tap for Psychological Reversal: 3X
Then tap on your karate chop point and do your psychological reversal. This is the part of you that resists the intention,) it doesn’t quite believe tapping will work, or you believe you are never any good at exams so you are going to fail. Whatever your never belief is back there, that thwarts being successful, such as you are always anxious and maybe you should be anxious when you are doing the test, whatever your belief is.
“Even though I have these feelings, these anxious feelings about doing this test, I deeply and profoundly accept myself.”
“Even though I have these anxious feelings, these horrible feelings, in my neck or in my stomach, wherever they are, I deeply and profoundly accept that that is the way it is for me right now.”
“Even though I have these anxious feelings, I accept that that is the way it is.”

Then you tap using whatever your label is for this situation: “This test anxiety/these anxious feelings/these awful feelings/these oral exam feelings/these test feelings.”

Take a deep breath.

Reassess your anxiety:
Take a deep breath. Think about going back to that test now, by walking into the room or writing the test. Think about it. Is it the same? Is your anxiety the same? Is it down, usually its gone down. So if it was a 7 before now it may be a 4, maybe it feels like a 2; maybe it holds just a little bit of anxiety.

Maybe it stayed the same. If it did stay the same, you need to go and reassess your psychological reversal. You need dial in on the feelings, imagine yourself being in the test and make sure you are right there, then do the psychological reversal.

Usually it has gone down and we are going to assume it has gone down. So maybe it is a 4 now. This 4 feeling.

Now we will tap again:
Tap the meridian points as directed – use this blog as a verbal guide.
“These left over feelings; these left over exam feelings. These left over feelings about writing the test.

These left over feelings. I am holding on to these left over feelings. These left over feelings. These left over feelings.”

Take a deep breath. (When a release happens then) sometimes you will yawn, sometimes you will sigh, or you will feel just a shift in yourself that the anxiety has lifted, has shifted, has moved away and feels different, quite significantly different. So again assess yourself. Imagine going to the test, imagine being there and writing it. How do you feel?

So it could be gone (the anxiety) and often it is gone after the second round. Sometimes another aspect of the situation will come up. Maybe now you no longer feel that writing it (the test) as being difficult but then you have fear about forgetting when you are in the test you fear that your mind will blank out. That would be considered another aspect of the anxiety and you would tap on that using the same procedure by focusing in on the fear/upset/anxiety. Measure it on your anxiety scale, do the psychological reversal, “Even though I have this test anxiety; this fear of blanking out, whatever it is and then tap 3 times on the karate chop point; then tap through the meridian points, assess your anxiety levels, when it is gone, you are done, if not repeat the tapping using the phrase “This leftover feeling.” or holding in mind that this is left over feeling and not the same as the first round of tapping.

Then reassess. Try to deep breathe in between the processes.

You notice I did this quite quickly. You don’t have to do it slowly at all and why don’t you have to do it slowly because we are intent on hitting one of the meridians or two of the meridians that are blocked when we tap. It could be any one of them and by tapping you are unblocking the one holding the negative feeling as you think about the issue. You don’t have to do it slowly and calmly, just whip through it.

Do not tap or hit the meridians as if you are drilling for oil, gentle tapping is find and effective. So there you go you can play with that process. The important thing is that you be very dialed in, focused in on the issue (of negative emotion) and that you tap until you get to a “0” which means no anxiety when you think about the issue.

Be aware that you assess yourself correctly and you are not thinking about some other issue. As one leaves (is resolves) another might pop up. Go back to the original issue and be sure you are at “0” before addressing other aspects.

I hope that is helpful for all of you going through any kind of oral or written test anxiety. You can relieve yourself of this incredible anxiety, gives you more oxygen to your brain and allows you to live in a more peaceful manner.

Peace to you.

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  1. Margaretta says:

    I was really confused, and this answered all my questions.

    • ellen says:

      Hello Margaretta,
      I do hope you try the tapping therapy. It is acupuncture without needles for the emotions. Peace.

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    It’s spooky how clever some ppl are. Thanks!

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