What are Spiritual Blocks

Blocks and Negative Beliefs

Blocks are merely another way of talking about negative beliefs. That means anything we discover that seems to stop us from being what we say we want to be, blocks our way.

For example, simply deciding to be kind, will quickly reveal any hidden beliefs that prevent or block its expression. Such resistances must be hidden within you or you would already be unequivocally kind and not need to practice it.

Finding anything that blocks what we intend, can be viewed as a gift. What was once hidden is revealed. Whether a block is revealed by an event or a certain person, when our heart-felt intention is to the focus, in this case of kindness, then the discovery of a block is a gift. Now we can take action.

Peace to you.

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Hello. I’m Ellen Sutherland. Here we are, Being Spiritual.

I’ve been asked to talk a little bit about blocks. What blocks our spiritual path, our spiritual life, our spiritual intentions.

Say you decide to be kind. It seems like a pretty safe spiritual stance to take. You don’t even have to be spiritual to do it. You just decide to be kind. Unequivocally kind.

That means that you have to be kind to yourself in your own thinking, in your own actions, in your own paths as well as being kind to anyone who comes before you in your life. For example, people on the highway, people on the subway, people in stores. Family. Friends. Be kind. It seems pretty simple.

But of course, as you all know, as soon as you make a confirmed commitment to being kind, what happens? In walks the person that you most dislike in the world, or that irritates you the most. Or in walks someone you love who does something that is very difficult for you to accept, and your kindness goes out the window.

That situation is presenting a block to your intention. The block is reflects as, maybe, negative beliefs. Perhaps you believe that people should act a certain way, that if people do act in certain ways: if they are unkind to you, or if they are rude to you, or if they hurt someone else, you should not be kind to them. That is a block.

If you decide to be kind, unequivocally kind, unconditionally kind, across the board kind, then none of the actions, or reactions of another should have any effect on you. None of the actions of that person count. It doesn’t matter what they do or what they say, or what they didn’t do or say.

Then you sit back and realize that something as simple as being kind, unconditionally kind, unequivocally kind, will bring up every belief you have, every stance you hold. Every more, or social more, that you have collected along the way to be addressed, looked at, sorted through, and surrendered – let go.

So that is what I mean when I say blocks. We have blocks until we are enlightened, and event then I’m not sure, since I’m not enlightened, that we don’t have blocks afterward.

If you think of a pure, clear, crystalline light, and you drop a little shadow in it, of gray, or black (or red, blue, green or yellow), it doesn’t matter, if you have dropped anything in that, you have changed it. It is not what it was intended to be, which is white.

So, if you have (the intention of) kindness, and you drop a little quick judgment in there, it is not kindness anymore. It is kindness with reservations. It is kindness with you holding back in that situation.

In our spiritual practice, we look to all of those things, all of those blocks that come up, perhaps in a different way than we used to before we became entranced with the spiritual life. We look at those blocks as signals, as actual gifts. I believe that I mentioned that in a previous post – as gifts.

The person that walks in the door that is irritating, that is like the sand and you are the oyster, that is irritating, offers you the opportunity to discover the place in you that cannot be kind, yet. Then you have a choice.

When it is invisible, you have no choice. If you have decided that there are some people that you should not be kind to then you don’t have a choice anymore. You have made that decision, you have that belief. If, however, as soon as you realize that you are not in an expression of kindness (in someone’s presence), that person is providing you with a signal, or a flag, to let you know that here is a place, where I believe something other than my intention. At that point you can surrender it, you can use a technique to release it and it becomes a gift.

That is what a block is and I hope that it helps you understand them a little better, and maybe see them a little more kindly.

Peace to you.

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