Why Choose a Spiritual Life?

We Evolve Toward the Light

We make many choices in our lives, but some things seem to draw us towards them whether we will or no. Perhaps a spiritual life is more of an evolution than a choice.

While some people experience satori, or a sudden awakening, others find themselves reading, talking about, attending workshops, amassing information to the point where they are no longer satisfied with simply “knowing about,” they choose to take action, and enter upon a spiritual life.

Whatever your name for it, universal intelligence, God, a Higher Power; you are drawn to it, and seek to understand it. Simply ask that your path be for the highest good and ask for higher help, you will find your way.

Peace to you.

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Hello and welcome, I am Ellen Sutherland, and here we are, being spiritual.

I promised that I would carry on with the questions that have come in recently that you have asked me to answer. The first one was about blocks, this one is, why live a spiritual life? Why would someone choose a spiritual life?

That is a whopper of a question, because, my immediate response is that, if you are asking the question, it is maybe not time. To me it is more like a spiritual life evolves, or chooses you, just like a seed in the spring responds to the warming of the earth, the rain, all the climate changes, and quality changes that surround the seed, soften the coat, splits and becomes the plant.

This metaphor isn’t far off what happens to any of us that feel that we want to step out of reading about, or talking about, or listening to being lectured to, or experiencing a formal religious understanding. We want to know, to experience, to be in the presence, however we understand the presence to be. For some of us, it is that the energy itself is sentient, is alive, and is Consciousness. For others it is a presence, a god presence. And all the other ways there are of understanding this that lie in between.

In my heart, I feel that they all come together. The old adage (comes to mind) about blind men, feeling an elephant, with each one describing what they are feeling. Some of them described the god as the shape of a tree, the elephant’s legs, some would grasp on to the tail and describe the god (elephant) like a tail, some would describe it like the trunk, and some would just perceive this massive, unending body. All of them would have a partial picture, all of us have a partial picture until we are there, until we know, until we are “realized,” and even the realized ones seem to be growing into a greater realization.

We do not “know” yet, but we are irrevocably drawn; we are drawn like iron filings to a magnet; we are drawn towards it, as is a seed is drawn to the sun; as is the seed is drawn by the circumstances of the season. That is how our spirituality and our spiritual life come to us.

So, to me, spirituality is not so much chosen, it chooses you. If you are curious, if you are interested, that is a result of being chosen. This is how I feel.

Constantly ask for higher help. Ask that your path be for the highest good.

Peace to you. I trust that it will unfold, perfectly. I hope that is helpful.

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  1. Veanna says:

    You’re a real deep thinker. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Marylada says:

    At last, someone comes up with the “right” answer!

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