Tapping Therapy as a Spiritual Tool Part 1

Dealing with Blocks to Spiritual Practice

In this video we begin to look at Tapping Therapy from another perspective, that of a tool for spiritual practice.

Many times, we make a decision to be peaceful, for example, and life situations make peace seem impossible.

Using Tapping Therapy to erase such intense and opposite feelings, frees us from the negative emotional states.

Some examples states and situations tapping is useful for are:

  • Resistance to practicing
  • Avoidance behavior
  • Anger (rage to annoyance)
  • Fears (unnamed and specific)
  • Feeling of pressure (wanting to do the practice well or perfectly)
  • Abandonment, loneliness, and so on.

The next video gives an example of its use.

Peace to you.

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Hello and welcome. I am Ellen Sutherland, and here we are, being spiritual.

I wanted to continue with the tapping theme, but this time to use it in a spiritual situation, specifically during spiritual practice.

Say you are doing a spiritual practice. There are many practices, I have over 30 in my book (At Your Heart’s Pace, A Course in Miracles has 365 lessons. You do one a day.

Say you are doing your doing a practice, which could simply to apply peace to every situation. It is an “across the board” intention. From Buddhists to Christians, everyone wants to be able to express peace and it is certainly a spiritual practice. One that is high on the list.

You meditate. You dip into the deep and profound peace that is always present. Then you open your eyes and begin your day. You are continuing to apply and to intend peace. No matter what befalls you, no matter what comes into your life, your intention is to express peacefulness.

One of the misunderstandings, I believe, about spiritual life is that, you are in this “holier than thou” situation all the time. Yet we who are practicing all the time know that that is not the case. Often you are achieving more and more peace every day, but there are times when it is rough. Your spiritual intention of being peaceful, being loving, being kind, whatever it is, bumps right up against all sorts of life events, (such as) people doing things to you, people not doing things for you, people dying, people leaving, and all sorts of things that can happen in your life. Until you are not affected by any outside events, those are situations that are “grist for the mill,” (opportunities to release resistance); those are situations that bring up anything but peace.

Tapping can be profoundly helpful in situations where out comes the opposite of peace – what you say you do not want to feel and when it does, you get stuck in it.

Say someone is dying, or say your beloved pet is dying. It is a very heart-wrenching, sad situation, until you get to the point where suffering is not an option. It is no longer what you do. People that I love right now are suffering from loss and mourning.

Mourning (in the world) occurs all the time. Tapping can help you extract yourself from that mourning, extract yourself from those huge “caught feelings” that just do not seem to want to release. You say, “I surrender this, I let this go,” and you may let it go for a nano

The types of situations that might lead us to use tapping are:

  • Resistance to practicing
  • Avoidance behavior
  • Loss & grief
  • Anger (rage to annoyance)
  • Any un-named fear that the lesson brings up
  • Feelings of pressure and wanting to be perfect
  • Abandonment, alone, ashamed, confused, defeated, discouraged, disgusted
  • Feeling dread, worry, helpless, trapped, uncertain, or unworthy

Next week we will talk about using tapping to deal with these issues.

Peace to you.

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