Using Tapping Therapy (EFT©) as a Spiritual Tool – Part 2

Releasing Negative Emotions that Block Spiritual Development:

Would you like to be free of the fear of fear?

Tapping Therapy can release negative emotions. Use it when negative emotions rise while in spiritual practice.

In this video blog, I offer you yet another way to use Tapping Therapy. We can become afraid of the intensity of fear or any other negative emotion. Such an experience often is enough to stop us from continuing with our spiritual intention. Tapping Therapy will help to erase the negative emotion so that it does not appear to loom large in our awareness and become a block to applying a spiritual exercise. Learn how to tap so that you release yourself from the fear of fear

I model a session for you

In this video I model a tapping session using a typical situation we can all relate to, which is the resistance to being peaceful. Tap along with me by thinking of whatever negativity blocks you from living your intention. I am certain that you will experience the change.

Do share your experiences and questions with me.

Peace to you.Tapping Therapy Diagram
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Hello and welcome. I am Ellen Sutherland, and here we are, Being Spiritual.

I wanted to continue with the tapping theme, but this time, to use it in a spiritual situation, during spiritual practice.

As a reminder, see the chart of the tapping points above.

If you are watching this video on Youtube, or somewhere else, the chart is available on my site at

If you go there, please look for my April posts where you will find a complete, two-part tutorial entitled “Tapping Therapy (EFT©) – Meridian Point and Emotional Tutorial”. It will offer you instruction on how to use Tapping Therapy.

Tapping can help you extract yourself from that mourning, extract yourself from those huge, caught feelings that just don’t seem to want to (go). You say, “I surrender this, I let this go,” and you may let it go for a nanosecond, then back it comes, it just seems stuck in you. Or maybe you say you surrender it, but it just feels bigger.

What you would do is, just like in the tutorial about “Fear of Public Speaking.” Whatever is before you, whatever event is stuck in you, a negative emotion, you bring it to yourself, and you say, “Even though I say I want to be peaceful, I’m not feeling peaceful right now, I accept that that is what I am caught in.”

(demonstrates tapping on the outside edge of her hand – karate chop point)

“Even though I say I want to be peaceful, I’m not peaceful right now. I accept that that is the way it is for me.”

“Even though I say, I am a spiritual person, and I’m not feeling peaceful right now, I deeply and profoundly accept myself.”

That puts you into the truth of where you are, because you get to the point where you truly realize that you have decided to hold on to these negative feelings. Until you know that, you feel like a victim of them. Right now, it feels like you cannot let this horrible feeling go, this mourning, this hurt, this anger, this upset, whatever it is. Dialing into where you are is important.

Put your scale up, in your mind (i.e., measure the intensity of the feeling on a scale of 0-10), it may be a “9,” if you are really caught, it may be high, it is ok.

(demonstrates tapping process)

Then you go, “This feeling, this feeling, I release and let go of this feeling,” or just focus on the feeling, and just go through the whole tapping procedure.

Has it gone down? Sometimes it goes, just like that. Gone. Sometimes another part of it will come up; another aspect will come up right away. So whatever the feeling is that you are dealing with, and your intention is to be peaceful, or loving, or kind and you are the opposite. Whatever that is, bring it up again, and let it be there, and just focus on it. “I release and let this go. I’m willing to let this all go. I am willing to release and let it all go.

(demonstrates tapping chakra points)

Sometimes it is helpful to tap the chakra points. Remember the chakra points… the top of the head, the third eye, at the throat, at your heart center, beside the physical heart in the center, at your solar plexus, at your navel and at the very base of the lower back. Sometimes that is very helpful, especially if there is a deep, spiritual resistance to peace.

But for most of us, it is daily events that seem to pull us away. My language is a little warring inside of me right now because I know it feels like you are a victim of your feeling. I understand that it feels that way. It feels that way to me.

I know… I know that the truth is that you are deciding to be that way. Understand that I have a lot of compassion for myself and for everyone else, caught in these feelings that seem to be capturing (us). It is important to know, eventually you will see, that you are holding on to the feeling. It is a very freeing understanding.

Use EFT©, use Tapping Therapy, use any of the tapping techniques, there are many of them. I show you a few on my blog to release. Why should you suffer? It is not only that, but sometimes these feelings are so big that they seem to be really irresolvable, they will not go away… that is what it feels like. The tapping proves that that is a lie, the tapping will show you, right away, that these can just be released and let go, it is just blocked energy.

So I hope that is helpful. Use that when you are doing your practice, whatever resistance or upset comes up, use that to free yourself of it. Eventually you will no longer need it. It is just a tool. Certainly, you will not need it further along on your path.

I hope that is helpful. Peace to you.



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    Well put, sir, well put. I’ll certainly make note of that.

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    Why suffer when we need not? Give EFT a try!

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