Tapping Therapy Supports Spiritual Practice

Releasing Negativity while Engaged in Spiritual Practice

In this video, I further demonstrate the use of tapping this time specifically for spiritual practice. Anything that blocks our daily spiritual practice is unhelpful. Tapping Therapy is an excellent tool for erasing such blocks, such negative feelings.

Use this tool and you will experience freedom from guilt and other negative states of mind. For example, guilt can be crippling. We often guilt-trip ourselves when we compare our “progress” to another. We begin to feel and think we should be going faster, doing better. We feel frustrated with our self and it becomes the very emotion that blocks the awareness of peaceful feelings.

When our goal is to be kind, or peaceful, or in loving states, guilt will bar the way. It feels like emotional quicksand. Tapping literally removes such blockages. Tapping them out allows us to move into a different energy state. It allows us to be what we intend. The lovely byproduct of tapping it out is that we are less likely to compare and morel likely to enjoy being spiritual.

I hope it helps you.

Do share your experiences and questions with me.

Peace to you.Tapping Therapy Diagram
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Hello and welcome. I am Ellen Sutherland, and here we are, Being Spiritual.

I am still traveling, and what I’ve noticed in my times with people, is the theme of guilt, which is coming through in a lot of what is being talked about in sessions and discussions. Guilt. The guilt seems to stem from comparing ourselves with another progress.

Who judges that progress and is progress even a relevant word in spiritual practice? But there it is, it is what we do. It is what it is.

So how to we get out of that awful feeling of guilt? It is a trap. It is a low energy. It keeps you from the peace, the joy, the love. It self-deprecating. There is nothing good about it. And eventually it works its way (since everything is spiritual, mental and physical,) it works its way into hurting your body. We need this thing (points to her body) for awhile, to get on with life.

Tapping Therapy is excellent at getting rid of negative feelings. Anything that creates blocks, in the feeling arena, it is really good at moving that out.

Remember what you have to do: you have to zone in on feeling guilty. Think about comparing yourself, your progress, or your lack of progress, with another persons. Say that you are on ACIMGather which is a wonderful PalTalk site where people go daily to do the Course in Miracles.

Somebody sounds so wonderful, and so peaceful and here you are just struggling with a constant state of depression, or anger or addiction of some sort. How frustrating. You have surrendered it and it just doesn’t seem to budge. This is where Tapping Therapy is so helpful.

So, dial in on the guilt. Measure it on a scale of zero to ten, e.g., maybe you are an 8 – this awful guilt because you are getting nowhere.

Then do the psychological reversal, which addresses the part of you that is resistant to believing it will change, or knowing it will change, or trusting that it will change, it is too easy, it never changes for me… whatever your belief is back there.

(demonstrates tapping psychological reversal)

Say: “Even though I have this guilty feeling about my progress, my spiritual progress, even though I feel this awful guilt about not going very fast, I deeply and profoundly accept myself.”

“Even though I feel this terrible guilt about kind of standing still, or plateauing. Even though I feel this guilt, and I am so frustrated that I still have it. So now I have frustration and guilt. I deeply and profoundly accept myself.”

(demonstrates tapping therapy)

Dial in on the guilt. These times you feel guilty are specific times: “This guilt. This awful feeling of guilt, this feeling of plateauing, and I should be going faster. This feeling of guilt about my spiritual progress. This feeling of guilt in my spiritual path. This awful feeling of guilt. I am so tired of feeling guilty about going nowhere spiritually. This feeling of guilt.”

Take a deep breath.

Do you see how fast it is? Take a deep breath. Notice how you are feeling. Maybe it has gone down. Maybe it has gone down quite a lot. Maybe it is gone. If it is gone, you are done.

Wait until it comes back again, if it comes back in another situation, or go hunting for all the different aspects of guilt that are in your life. Make a list. Write down a list of all of the things you are guilty about, or competitive about, or then if you fail, feel guilty or upset. Write them down. Take one at a time.

But if it has just dropped a bit, notice that feeling, and again, go back to (demonstrates tapping):

“This leftover feeling of guilt. This leftover feeling. I release and let go of this leftover feeling of guilt. I release all of this leftover feeling, the feeling of guilt. I am willing to let it all go. I am willing to release all of this guilt. I am willing, happily willing to let it go. I release and let it all go.”

Take a deep breath.

It is likely that will do it. But if you have a little bit left, again, just tap it out (demonstrates tapping):

“The peace that I do not want to let go of. The rest of the guilt I am hanging on to. Address that, that you are hanging on to it. I’m hanging on to this last little bit. I really don’t believe that I can let this all go. I really don’t think that it is safe to let all of my guilt go. Guilt motivates me! So how can I let it all go? I’m really not sure I can let all of this guilt go.”

Again, take a deep breath. Feel the peace.

So I hope that is helpful. It is just such a powerful tool when you are stuck in an emotion. Then you go back to your spiritual practice. This is just a tool. A hammer is hammer, you don’t use it all the time. It is useful when it is useful, then you put it back in the toolbox.

Spiritual practice is about maintaining, as long as possible, the state you intend. If you are stuck in guilt, you are not doing that. If you surrender it and it doesn’t seem as if you can really let it go, tapping therapy teaches you that you can let it go, teaches you that it is just stuck energy.

I hope that that is helpful. Please write to me and let me know how you are doing with this stuff.

Peace to you.

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