Tapping Therapy Releases Negative Emotions and Hidden Beliefs

When Feeling Negative Use Tapping Therapy

In this blog I use Exercise 25 from my book: At Your Heart’s Pace which is about expressing the state of gratitude as an example of a constant practice and when the state is interrupted, I combine it with Tapping Therapy.

When we intend to express higher states, such as gratitude, anything we believe other than it will come into our awareness. Sometimes it is in the form of an annoying person!

Use Tapping to release the stuck feeling of indignation or being wronged, so that we can return, as quickly as possible, to our spiritual practice. Tapping unhooks us from the emotion. Once freed from it, we glide up into the higher (finer, emotional) energy where we can see the whole situation from a broader context. Such clarity will often reveal the many times we feel justified in being upset or angry. Such beliefs are usually hidden and unavailable to us. It is a highly effective tool when used in this manner.

Peace to you.

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Hello, I am Ellen Sutherland and here we are, being spiritual.

Well I am in Ontario and I thought I would carry on with the final bit of the Tapping Therapy that I wanted to offer you and that is a tapping therapy session or a challenge – a difficulty, you are having, say, with a spiritual practice. I thought I would take one of my spiritual practices in my book At Your Heart’s Pace, which is a book that is filled with 30 or so exercises, spiritual exercises, as well as all sorts of other wondrous stuff. I thought I would pick randomly one exercise for you, that allows you to understand what I am talking about – taking the time to “tap out” your resistance to a practice.

In exercise 25, it is about gratitude. It is the next step in gratitude – feeling and being the energy of gratitude. So it (the practice) is about exuding that state, that energetic state such as when you are so grateful to somebody in your life or to something in your life, you radiate that energy. You take away the details of the situation and you “be” the energy of gratitude. So that is the exercise. Its idea is that once you have the feeling of being gratitude and exuding it, then you walk through life. You go to work, go on the bus, and are in the car in traffic. You talk to your relatives. You deal with bills – you deal with life, which is being spiritual. We are weaving spirituality into everyday life. Life is your ashram.

So what happens when we do this? Once we make the decision to do something from a high energy, like this, using the energy of gratitude, for it is very high and powerful, then anything that is resisting it in you, in your beliefs, in your understandings – any way of begin, however you put that – will come up in your awareness. I believe that life, Holy Spirit, however you understand Holy Spirit, comes up, and offers you a situation.

For example, here we are exuding gratitude, feeling good, and along comes somebody butting in your line-up, very angry, very aggressive with you. They push you out of the way and there you are (committed to extending gratitude.) What do you do with that situation? Maybe at the time you say “Ah I’ll just let it go. I just let that go.” But when you think about it later at the office, or at home, you feel the irritation that you should have said something or wondering how you could have done that differently because it really bothered you. This is where Tapping Therapy comes in.

How? You bring it up (bring up the situation with its negative emotion) just like any other situation you want to release. You bring up that memory. Here you are intending to exude gratitude; it is a constant state. It does not end because the line-up was over, or because you have gone home or have finished work. So here you are, rehashing that situation in the line-up and you are feeling not very happy about it. Perfect! Perfect! You want to exude gratitude, in order to do so, you need to find the block.

One of the ways of unhooking yourself from that feeling of upset-ness, whatever it happens to be, is to literally notice your intensity (on the scale of 0-10 intensity.) Say, it is a 7. You are so cross with yourself for not staying in the expression of gratitude (which is your spiritual practice). You hold that focus and do the psychological reversal:

“Even though I intended to be the energy of gratitude, I feel so angry at that person for pushing me around. I feel so angry at myself for not standing up and being assertive.”

“Even though I am supposed to be ‘being grateful,’ I am angry at that man.”

“Even though I am supposed to be extending gratitude, I find myself caught in that old memory from today’s lineup.”

Once you have done the psychological reversal, then you literally do the tapping:

“I release and let go of all these feelings about letting myself down, about being angry, about that man.” However, you feel that. Say, “I just release and let it all go; all go. All those feelings about that man.”

(Taps the meridian points.)


Take a deep breath. Go back to the situation – is it gone? Sometimes it is just gone. Your spiritual intention can be very powerful. You really want to “be” gratitude and this situation has come in as your opportunity to see that there are sometimes when you would rather be upset.

Tapping unhooks you; tapping at least unhooks you from the emotion. Now the rest? You are unhooked from the heavy emotion and you may just glide up into the higher (finer, emotional) energy of seeing the situation from a broader context. The understanding in the back of your mind where there are many situations where it is okay not to be spiritual

Again, from a spiritual point of view, if your intention is really to “be” these states, to express love, gratitude, peace and joy, then anything that comes up that is hidden away in you, that isn’t of those states, is a gift. Tapping can unhook you from the emotion and you, with Holy Spirit, with Higher Self, however you understand that, can surrender the rest of it; the misunderstanding, the belief system, whatever it is.

So I hope that is helpful. I hope you can see how Tapping Therapy can become a very powerful tool in our spiritual toolbox when we are being, intending, following through, with our wondrous spiritual intentions.

Peace to you.

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