Real Spiritual Growth: Taking the Long Way Home

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Here we are being spiritual…

We are multifaceted spiritual beings

We are multifaceted spiritual beings.

We are multifaceted. We are physical, mental-emotional, and spiritual beings. Our personal karma (we reap what we sow is what I mean here) our spiritual maturity (or how far along we were when we came into this incarnation) and the impact of our experiences in shaping us (meaning how well we learned from those positive and negative events) all impact how we evolve. These factors also appear to influence how motivated we are to evolve.

You Cannot Force Evolution

This week I launched my first formal one-to-one mentoring program. Preparing for it has meant a great deal of contemplation. As I mention on the front page of my website (, you can not force the evolution of a butterfly by breaking it out of its cocoon, it must make certain wing movements or it cannot fly.

Growing naturally into your SpiritualityMentors Teach, Enable, and Facilitate

Mentors, in my understanding, teach the tools that enable and facilitate inward seeking. Mentors tend to the evolution, as well as encourage the growth of self-awareness. They point the way and ensure focus is maintained. My mentoring role is such that I must trust, always trust, that the results of such a mixture will be perfect. Encouraged to develop, you will learn to fly.

Our wondrous and fast-paced world reflects a universal issue. An issue we all seem to be working with; the desire to achieve our goals immediately, without having to take all the needed steps. It is no different in spiritual endeavors. We are less and less inclined to spend the time to develop spiritual maturity. We are looking for instant enlightenment.

Instant Masters

The “have now, pay later” attitudes reap a vast number of instant masters of all varieties. Generally, they represent the part of all of us that longs to have, to know, to get, immediately. Yet, without the work, we do not mature.

Certainly some are born with spiritual gifts (though it is often thought that they did their work in previous lives.) The rest of us accept that there is no instant realization. Consider how few avatars there have been in the many years between and since Krishna, Buddha, and Jesus.

A World in a Hurry

We are a world in a hurry. Our heart’s pace seems too slow for it. I thought of myself as totally committed and unswerving, and I still discover areas of resistance. I choose to be kind to myself about this. I move at the pace my heart sets out for me – sometimes that means a passionate rate, sometimes it seems very slow.

Here is My Challenge to You

I offer you a fun, but startling challenge. Be peaceful for ONE DAY. From the time you get up, until the time you fall asleep, be peaceful. Radical and absolute alignment with peace is a high, mature spiritual stance. So see how willing you are to be at peace in every situation, without exception. Try doing this for one whole day, which means:

  • No negative, warring thoughts reflecting fear, worry, or doubt
  • No blaming yourself or others for any reason including: despair, craving, or scorn
  • No annoyance, anger, or hatred

Unless you are Christed or a Bodhisattva, when you attempt to do this, you will notice how often one negative state rises up after another. These states represent the the normal ebb and  flow of a personality’s mind.

I urge you to continue with the 24 hour commitment, even as you become aware of this brief, but frequent faltering. Just carry on with your intention of being in peace for one full day.

This is the best way to reveal what you will face during committed spiritual practice. It will also help you begin to understand how essential it is to cultivate self-acceptance and self-compassion. Consider what you discover normal. If you did not have negativity to release, what would be the need of a spiritual practice? None.

Ensuring the helpfulness of your mentoring experience is a session-by-session experience. Your evolution is dependent on your willingness to apply the practice. Then your ongoing life experiences, as well as your  relationship with your blossoming inner self, will ultimately reveal the changes. It is only Higher Power can truly measure evolution.

As a mentor, I help with the blocks that rise up in mind, and I encourage and show you how to spread your spiritual practice into all aspects of your daily life.

I imagine our mental, emotional, spiritual self to be like a garden. A mentor enriches the soil, and offers the experience and trust of a mature gardener. The climate and seasons are like the soul’s karma, the sunlight mirrors our Source’s constant inspiration and nurturing.

Our Cascading Growth

It does seem that we grow in a cascading manner, such that when one aspect of us is matures, the knowledge from the realization overflows into yet another aspect of us, which then awaits the fullness of a new level of understanding.

It is All About Intention and Trust

Plant the intention of being peace and step back in trust, as does any gardener. Trust that your seeds of intention will grow… not all of them, but many.

I help you ensure that the weeds do not overcome what you have sown, and along the way, you learn to accept how powerful is your intention. With focus and attention, your garden matures, and flourishes.

We are all headed into the lush realization of what we are. We will ripen, burst into a new paradigm, and beyond that, we seed a further evolution.

Check out the spiritual mentoring program here.

Peace to you.

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