Tapping Therapy: Claustrophobia

Erasing Claustrophobia

This is yet another area of fear from which people suffer. Being afraid of tight spaces makes any crowded situation, any small environment extremely uncomfortable for the phobic person.

This tapping blog is offered in particular to those who feel crowded when in a seat on a plane.

Yet, claustrophobia can reflect any situation in which you feel hemmed in. As in all phobias, it causes us to avoid.

Let us erase yet another situation where the fear stops us from doing what we love. And, in the cases where the fear is not as intense, experiencing it simply prevents us from enjoying the plane ride.

I hope you find this tapping diagram helpful.
Tapping Therapy Diagram
Peace to you.

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Hello and Welcome. Here we are being spiritual.

I promised someone near and dear that I would do a video on claustrophobia (specifically) in an airplane. Now she may have already gone on her trip, the request was from awhile ago. I am just getting to it. For all of you that find yourself feeling this way, maybe not just in an airplane but maybe in crowds or in any kind of situation where you feel hemmed in. I know someone who finds being wrapped in too tight clothing will make him feel

Remember what you have to do. You focus on the issue, whatever it is. In this particular situation it is about being hemmed in, being claustrophobic in a plane.

Think about that (situation) and measure your upset on a scale from 0 – 10. How high is your upset? Where are you feeling it in your body. How high is the negative feeling/anxiety. Try and make it as big as possible. I know that to do so is unpleasant, but this is just a momentary thing. Try and increase the intensity focus on the time when you felt so claustrophobic that you could have screamed.

Next tap on the karate chop point and state as follows:

Even though I have this memory of being claustrophobic, I deeply and profoundly accept myself.
Even though I have this memory of being claustrophobic, I accept that that is the way it is for me right now.
Even though I have this memory of being claustrophobic, I deeply and profoundly accept myself.

Then take two fingers and go to the tapping points.
Tap (5-7 times) at each site
saying: This memory
This feeling of being claustrophobic
This memory
This intense feeling
This fear
This awful feeling
This feeling I get of being claustrophobic
This feeling.

Take a deep breath.

Go back to that memory, that situation of being hemmed in – it was just horrible (here you felt claustrophobic) and assess. Has it changed, your intensity level, has it changed?
Remember we are going for the original feeling that you had. If you notice that the feeling has changed into something else, it might have started with fear and now you are ticked off (in anger) realize that is a different feeling. You want to go to the original feeling. Has it changed, is it bigger? Has it gone down (decreased.)

Usually it goes down (decreases in intensity) If it is bigger, that is great. When it is that means you have really dialed into the situation and we repeat the tapping:

This left over feeling
I release and let go of this left over feeling…this left over feeling about being claustrophobic
This left over feeling
I release this left over feeling
I release this feeling of being claustrophobic. I release this left over feeling
This awful feeling of being claustrophobic

Again you do not have to go slowly. You notice how quickly I can go. You do not have to go slowly because you are tapping out the specific energy points. You are releasing the energy of them.

Take a deep breath

Assess: Where are you on the scale?
Has the intensity (negative feeling changed?)
Has it not changed?

Now let us talk about when it does not change at all.
You may not be dialed into the situation that.
It may be draining off slowly
you may be dehydrated
99% of the time this works so you may have shifted into another emotion or another memory.

Gary Craig talks about this common situation in his training tapes. He told us of the time he was tapping someone’s fear of heights, while the person was standing on a roof. (He was a roofer and he became phobic about heights. That makes work very difficult if you are a roofer with a phobia.) Because Gary Craig could not see him (he was on the telephone with him) and did not realize his negative emotion was not releasing, that the man was tapping out and releasing on incident after incident. Be careful you are not doing that. (It would mean that as one incident is cleared, another arises with its pent up negative feelings. That would mean you are not assessing your intensity for the first incident. Instead, you would be feeling upset from completely unique memory.)
Be careful that you do not do this.
Let us check the leftover feeling. Is it gone down? You are through. If it has gone you are finished
If it has gone down, and what is left is just a little bit. Do not accept a little bit, we are trying to release it all.

Go back to that emotion, that situation. Notice it. Focus on it and tap:

This left over feeling
This feeling I will not let go
This feeling I am hanging on to
I release and let go of this feeling I am hanging on to
This leftover feeling
I release and let it all go
I just let it go
I can let it go; it is safe to let it go

Again, take a deep breath and notice. Just repeat that whole process until you reach zero negative feelings about the situation. You may recall other incidents; you may have a list of them. Just keep going through them (tap them out one incident at a time) until you no longer have that emotional charge.

When in the actual situation
You may find yourself needing to tap when you go into the situation, rather than as it is now in memory, You may have to tap through again.

If you find it embarrassing to tap while you are in a crowd, you can go into the washroom and tap it out there in the cubicle.

I hope that is helpful. Make sure you are hydrated. Drink a lot of water.
Do not accept a little tiny bit (of negative emotion) leftover after tapping. Just repeat the tapping. You see how quick it is. Something that you have spent a lifetime practicing being afraid of if that takes you 45 minutes, or even a couple of 45 minute sessions to release it, then it is worth it.

I hope that is helpful.

Peace to you.

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