Being Spiritual with Reiki

Reiki as Part of a Spiritual Life

Today we are talking about being spiritual with Reiki. I have been attuned to Reiki since 1990. In 1994 I became a Reiki teacher – a Reiki Master. Reiki is woven it into my spiritual life. I have yet to write about this in my blog. It feels timely to do so.

The Reiki Story

In the early 1900’s, a monk Mikao Usui, was on a life long journey to learn to heal as Christ did. Though he found Buddha’s healing symbols, he was unable to activate them. Frustrated with his search, he went to a sacred mountain and decided not to leave it until he received what he sought. He spent 21 days in meditation, continuously surrendering his will. When he received Divine Understanding, he was healed and he could heal. The vital part of his enlightenment was that he was able to pass on the knowledge of how to attune others to this healing vibration. We call it Reiki.

Attuning refers to the Reiki initiations given during classes. They are the 4 activations given in first degree Reiki  class to open the student’s hand chakras in order to allow the energy through. There are two further attunements, one in second degree and one in the master degree.

The Reiki Opportunity

What has being spiritual to do with the healing energy of Reiki? Reiki offers seekers the opportunity to plunge themselves daily into its high vibration; a healing vibration, a portable vibration they carry in their hands. Unlike meditative techniques, Reiki is always available and present. Place the hands on the body and Reiki pours out its powerful peace, its radiant healing.

Reiki allows seekers the opportunity to align with peace through a daily self-treatment. Such daily treatments assists their physical, mental, and emotional being to vibrate in and align with the Reiki energy field. Whether or not the student attuned to Reiki understands and uses what flows through them, is the difference between one who matures in the energy and one who lets it become dormant.

Those who give Reiki treatments to others frequently become spiritually curious, even when they are not already on the path. It is at this place of personal awareness that students begin to comprehend the value of radiating Reiki. It begins to dawn on them that they carry, in their own hands, the vibration that crosses all healing boundaries: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Reiki seems to quicken their own need for healing. They want to be more peaceful. They want to erase judgments and to clear out their past grudges. They want to forgive themselves.

Interestingly, when the student ignores the call for such personal healing, they usually stop applying Reiki. It is as if their opportunities to give treatments dries up. When this happens, their Reiki channel becomes quiet within them.

I have noticed too that when the student does use their Reiki hands again, the energy blossoms once more. This experience  strengthens their understanding that Reiki is and was, ever-present, even when they did not use it.

I urge students who believe Reiki is not flowing from their hands to give themselves a daily self treatment. When they do, they will experience their hands becoming full of radiant Reiki. This will likely take some time.

We need do nothing

The most difficult concept for Reiki students and practitioners to grasp and it is a true spiritual understanding, is that they need do nothing. In fact, they (their own personality) must do nothing. Reiki is complete in and of itself.

It may take quite a long time to realize this, to be comfortable with being a channel and a vessel through which the complete potential to heal flows.  Reiki rootsI have experienced many people struggling with this understanding. When we let Reiki teach us, when we give it and practice setting aside our personal will, when we let go of wanting the receiver to change and instead trust Reiki, great change will happen. Reiki works most powerfully when we get our personal agendas – what we think should happen – out of its way.

There is no need to send different energy colors to the person receiving Reiki, yet at times it guides you to know that this is being done through you. You do not have to know what is wrong with the person, yet frequently illness, and/or negative emotion will become obvious in their being. As you open to its teaching, Reiki tells you what you need to know, if you are curious and ask. At the same time, it is unnecessary to know. We are not the healer.

For some, the gifts and abilities that people crave to have – clairvoyance, clairaudience, seeing auras, knowing what to say and when to say it, develop and become part of giving Reiki, after much committed practice.

Next week I will continue sharing about Reiki.

Peace to you.


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2 Responses to Being Spiritual with Reiki

  1. Nancy Arnott says:

    Thank you, Ellen, for discussing Reiki as a spiritual practice and for putting forth the idea that it requires virtually nothing of us as practitioners; we need only place our hands on ourselves or others and stay out of the way. This is indeed difficult for many to grasp, especially those newly initiated. It is only, as you say, after a lot of committed practice – day after day, year after year – that we understand that Reiki is enough. No effort is needed. It demands only that we summon “the courage to do less,” as my teacher, Pamela Miles, puts it.

    One note on the history of Reiki: According to Japanese Reiki master Hyakuten Inamoto, Mikao Usui established the practice of Reiki in 1922. Inamoto has spent much time researching Usui’s life and the history of Reiki; his teacher was Mrs. Chiyoko Yamaguchi, a direct student of Usui’s student Chujiro Hayashi.

    An excellent source of accurate and well-researched information about the past, present and possible future of Reiki is Pamela Miles’ book “Reiki: A Comprehensive Guide,” as well as her website, Among the many valuable resources on the site is the transcript of Pamela’s recent interview with Hyakuten Inamoto and his fellow Reiki master and historian, Hiroshi Doi.

    • ellen says:

      Hello Nancy,

      I appreciate your thoughtful response to the “Being Spiritual with Reiki” blog post. It is a joy to read your sharing that Reiki is enough. Effortless practice is a challenging concept to grasp, let alone offer to another.

      Regarding the history, I appreciate that you trust your sources, as do I. I bow to my Teacher Reiki, and honour the pristine energetic focus of my earthly initiator, Phyllis Furumoto.

      I do hope we meet each other along the way.

      In the Light,

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