Surrender – The Essence of Spirituality

Surrender: Be What You Are

Why would we want to surrender what we know? Why let go of our thoughts, our feelings and our understanding about life? Having spent our whole life focused on being assertive and empowered, why would we want to surrender everything?

Surrender is the foundation of spiritual living. We let go of attachments, our stances, and our positions in order to attain peace, clarity – in order to align with the highest energies.

To experience “being the state of peace,” we let go of the past. We let go of  all we think we know, all we judge to be true, and we release any thoughts caught in the future. Doing so means we can rest in timelessness, the highest truth of us.

Let me know if this post is helpful and brings up any issues for you.

Peace to you.

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I wanted to talk a bit about surrender. Surrender is the rockbed of everything in spiritual life. To let go, to give over, to realize when you are surrendering, now that is a challenge to learn.

It is not how we are taught as we proceed through life. I thought that some sharing about surrender would be helpful.

The first question is: Why surrender? We have spent our whole lives learning to be assertive, empowering ourselves, and now I’m talking about surrender all that learning?

From a spiritual perspective, surrender is quite different  than waving the white flag that signals you have given up. It is much more like a way of being. You are not thinking about the future, you are not stuck in the experiences of the past, you are in the now. From that place you are surrender to whatever rises up before you in life; whatever it is.

If it is good, wonderful! It will fall away. If it is terrible, wonderful! It too will fall away. Thank goodness it is over, is one of Byron Katie’s statements. And she asks, “Why am I smiling after someone socks me? Well, it’s over.”

Surrender is a whole attitude of holding in a place where life is perfect. You do not presume to know what is the highest good for yourself and you do not assume to know what is best for someone else.

Surrender is a very powerful stance, and it really is the foundation of all of my spiritual life and the spiritual life of committed people.

We need to look at it in an unusual way, other than the definition that surrender often brings us. The unusual way is that the letting go brings a sublime peace.

The letting go allows you to be what you are which is flowing, and open, and accepting. When action is needed to be taken? Up it rises and you act. But most of the time you just allow life to flow through and you become more and more sublime and inner peace.

I hope that this is something helpful for you to think about. Let me know if you have any feelings about it.

Peace to you.

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