Does Reiki Heal?

Reiki: What is Healing?

Reiki has its roots in the spiritualWhat is healing? How do we know when someone is healed? Healing physical symptoms is, at best, a delay of the inevitable. Where then, are the roots of misery? They are found in the thoughts and beliefs that trigger our suffering. Healing them brings peace, even when the body is in pain.

Certainly many of us have had  experiences that Reiki has healed, while just as many will say it does little more than offer a temporary comfort. Healing with Reiki can be muddied with a lot of beliefs and expectations.

What Truly Heals us?

We assume, though we do not know, that death is the vehicle for transformation. Death is not something that can be avoided or healed. It is part of “what is.” Even Lazarus must have died in the end, so it seems more helpful to encourage the discovery of the purpose for being here, while we are.

Rather than only focus on physical healing, we could seek out the roots and the cause of the misery. Our thoughts and beliefs make up those roots. Believing in them triggers all suffering. Healing them brings peace, even when the body is in pain, even when the body does not recover.

Many Reiki practitioners will tell you of the healing power of Reiki on the mind and heart of the terminally ill. Anyone who has had the privilege of being with a peace-filled soul in a dying body, has experienced healing.

Reiki Offers the Opportunity for Inner Growth

Our life reflects constant transformation. Everything and everyone in the physical world goes through its wondrous seasons. Reiki offers a way to lovingly, gently, and spiritually ripen. Through Reiki’s attunement process, alignment with the vibration of our deepest Source, occurs. Occurs to the extent the person can receive it, that is. Reiki forces no one to grow.

When a student gives daily self-treatments and/or receives them from others, their hearts begin to soften and their minds begin to open. They align with Source, Universal Energy, however they understand that to be, and they are healed. When we live our life in such light, our once painful experiences no longer require healing. We feel gratitude for their teaching.

One way to understand how this can happen is by becoming aware of what the 4 attunements in first degree, and 1 in second degree awaken. They are akin to planting a seed in rich soil during ideal growing conditions. They create the potential for spiritual evolution.

Awaken to Trust

So it dawns on us that the attunements in and of themselves give us nothing. They rouse awareness of what sleeps within us. That “something” awakens more and more, each time we give treatments to our self and to others. The attunements stir our unrealized potential to align with what it is we channel. Such potential must already be within each of us for them to work. And they do work.

“I give you nothing that you do not already have,” is an old adage that fits perfectly with Reiki. It is not faith or trust that tells me Reiki can heal, instead it is aligning with and soaking in it that does. Still, the person channeling Reiki will only grow into such understanding at their own pace and by way of their own willingness to ripen. It is a long, but worthy journey.

Each Life Situation offers Teaching and Learning

Does Reiki Heal?

The potential of Reiki, as with many other spiritual forms, is our great legacy. That potential comes to us clearly when we surrender to it laws. It is after many, many, years of offering it that we begin to realize what it is we channel.

Remove the Cause and There are No Effects

Reiki is far more than a comfort, a bandage, a salve. It can and does offer those things, yet it is beyond a modality, more valuable than a tool. It is rooted in releasing our inner spirit. Its potential, therefore, is the healing of the cause of the dis-ease.

I would love to know what your experience is of living with Reiki.

Peace to you.

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