Being Spiritual: Sharing Love

Erasing the Conditions on your Love

35 million people viewed Matt and Melissa of You tube fame documenting Matt’s round-the-world dance-a-thon He danced and you loved him. Love as Matt expresses it, is tangible; a magnetic field, effortlessly recognized by even those terribly bereft of it.

How You Express It

Finding Love

Hidden Love

The belief is that love is in short supply. You keep love tucked away in your inner bank accounts, spending it on a select few. You know what you have given those few, and what they owe you. That is how it is often offered, like a miser grasping a coin. It is sparsely given and when given, never without a high return expected.

You believe you have so little to spend that you wend your way raggedly through life, starving for it, begging for it, and never truly nourished by it.

Some take love resentfully, even somewhat expectantly, from those rich in it. While still others contain it, wall it up. Fearing to lose what little they have they offer it to no one.

Your Safe Loves

You can not help but love so you love safely. You love your animals, your things, your station in life. You love your sense of self – your sense of place. You love your genetics – those special attributes of beauty, brains, and all manner of physical quirks.

The Special Ones

familyYou love your family members, at least some of them. It is often a high walled love, particular to them. You feel an ownership; they are blood. At the same time, it seems as if there is a secret glue that holds families together. Beyond genetics, beyond the knowledge that they are family, what else binds you together? Move them out of that walled garden, divorce them, for example, and what was once labelled love withers.

The Switch

You safely direct your gaze, your heart-eyes, to special ones. The husband or wife, the boy or girlfriend bask in its radiance, yet as instantly you can turn off those same love-eyes when you to talk to a shopkeeper, or a waiter, or an attendant.

One moment you are heart itself, in the next you are pulled away, protected, shut down. You blink on and off like this all day, all life long. You have practice a lot and it has become a seamless flip from one state to another.

old loveBut this tells me that unconditional love is just as possible as not loving. How is that? Your capacity to turn it on and off means you have your finger on that heart-switch. You choose. You decide. You always have.

A Suggestion

Love is a commodity to most of you. You were trained to know it that way and you choose to ignore all the situations and people who prove your assumption wrong. All such beliefs reflect scarcity and fear of loss.

How do you dissolve such long held, beliefs? How to you prove to you can change your belief. Rather than talk about it, or defend it, what can you do to discover your capacity to and for love.

I previously posted a video blog about Namaste. It is an Eastern way of saying “Hello.” But, more than that, Namaste’s deeper meaning expresses an acknowledgment, a whole cultural acknowledgment that says: “The Divine in me greets the Divine in you.”

What if you began to play with the energy of that greeting? A way you could radiate unconditional love is to silently say: “The love in me greets the love in you.” What if, you offer love silently in your “Hello,” in your hand shake, when you look into eyes of the shopkeeper, an irritated driver, a salesperson, a beloved child, a hate-filled relative, a stranger out to hoodwink you, or your own face in the mirror?

babyAll eyes you meet in a day, whether holding their hearts shut tight like Venetian blinds, or open like an infant, respond to love. You only send it out and it has an in-built magnetic quality about it. Give it, and notice as you fill up with more love. Give it as an experiment. Discover if what I am saying is truth. Give it from a place of wanting nothing in return. Just freely radiate it.

Try It for a Week

The more you give, the more your capacity to give expands. You will never believe this unless you try it. Unless you actually try it, it will be so much drivel or merely a nice thought. I invite you to try it. You want love from another and they won’t give it to you? Give the love you want to someone else. See what happens when you do… not what happens to them, though they may respond, but what happens to you.

What happens to you? You learn you have been mistaken. You learn that you are a fountain of love. You once believed there wasn’t enough to go around now you must readjust your opinion.

A Course in Miracles reminds you that all the love offered to you and previously refused is awaiting your acceptance. What if you took responsibility for whoever moved into your line of sight and treated them as precious? It would be your little secret. You wouldn’t tell them or even stay to see the effect. No one would know. You would just look at them and offer the love from your own inner bank of love. Then notice what happens in you. Notice how you are affected.

I invite you to spend ONE WEEK…a mere seven days doing this. Seven days of offering love and experiencing the repercussions.

Peace to you.

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