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Releasing Negativity Made Easy

A person without a sense of humor is like a wagon without springs. It’s jolted by every pebble on the road.” – Henry Ward

laughingWe are told that, as spiritual people “on the path”, a sense of humor is more than helpful, it is necessary. Sometimes it seems that these helpful hints only ensure further frustration and guilt. If we are not feeling full of joy, it can be quite difficult to shrug life off and find its humor. Life is not funny when we are hurting. If we address the hurt first, however, the situation’s humor rises up naturally.

There is a way to address the hurt.


stuckIf you are particularly stuck in a feeling. This exercise can help you to let it go. One way to deal with upset feelings is to dive into them. Blow them out of proportion. Exaggerate and gesticulate. Play them out like an opera.

Feeling stuck in an upset? Do the following

  1. Watch the feeling. Look at it with your mind’s eye
  2. Decide to exaggerate the feeling in front of a mirror
  3. Move your body when exaggerating
  4. Ask yourself what state you prefer

It is most important that you have your inner witness turned on

Tell yourself you are going to exaggerate the feeling. It is a vitally important step that you realize you decided to blow the feeling out of proportion. You decided to do this and no one is controlling you. Acknowledging it as your decision, keeps the witnessing part of you, the part of you that is stepping back and watching, clear about your intention.

Do this in front of a mirror

Jump up and down, throw up your arms. Be loud. Be like a toddler during a tantrum. Exaggerate the feeling while you are watching yourself in the mirror.

You might find it helpful to exaggerate by using a scale to measure your feeling

10For example, on a scale of 0 (no pain) to 10 (the most pain you can imagine) pick your number. Is it a 5 or 6? Can you expand it to an 8? Really attempt to increase the feeling to its maximum. Again, keep in mind you are increasing it. You choose to make the feeling large.

Humorously, exaggerating your feeling reminds you that you are back in the emotional driver’s seat. You are not stuck in your feeling, instead, you are choosing to increase it, even as you feel stuck in it. Allow your self access to the suppressed energies within you so that get grand and large the way a balloon does when you fill it too full of air.

smiling balloonMake it huge, blow it out of proportion. Get into it – exaggerate it using the privacy of your own home or in the forest, or your mind. Be cosmic in your exaggeration.Tell yourself you want to wallow in the pain. Tell yourself that you want to whine and howl and moan. Really get into it and all the while keep the watcher part of your mind present in your awareness. No longer will you dabble in your upset for days, months, or years but rather you will go for it! You will attempt to feel the whole event at once.

When you ask for the feelings to expand you immediately move out of the victim role, to a welcoming one. It is as if you are saying, “Go ahead depression, make my day.” It is an empowering stance. It becomes immediately obvious that you are the one in control of the situation. Plus you look funny having a tantrum.

In a very short time, you will notice that you no longer feel the negativity. It drains away. You give your feeling nothing to hold on to. It comes to a climax – yep just like that climax – and because you choose to allow the emotion freedom from suppression, it unravels. The energy releases naturally. You have changed your emotional state.

Finally, ask yourself, “What feeling do I prefer?

Listen for your inner answer. It can be freeing to ask this question at this point. If you ask it earlier it can bring up guilt. So timing is important. What do you really want to feel?

Though it rarely seems so, you are not the victim of your feelings. You choose them. Realizing you made the choice puts you back in the driver’s seat. It is much easier to deal with a life challenge without feeling stuck in negative emotion.

yak yakSo, when you want to wallow, be honest, allow yourself to go for it! Put yourself in front of a mirror and wallow big time!! Be the best wallower in the Universe, while never losing awareness of what you are doing – that is the key – the self honesty. It is that awareness that speeds up the process… It also gives you a giggle.

And finally, your head and look around at the rest of humanity. Yes indeed they are often wallowing. This exercise helps to open your heart in true compassion for the human race, who believe they are the victim of their emotional state!

(Feelings only lie; they tell us we are going to get from releasing them, is what we get from holding on to them… Sedona Method).

Peace to you.



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