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Spiritual Evolution – We are all Going Home

I have been asked to talk about what I do with spiritual mentoring. It seems that I have not put enough information on my website, so I have been urged to describe what it is that I do. Therefore, this is the first of an informal series related to spiritual mentoring.

Over time I have collected a large number of useful tools to assist with living spiritually. They include such things as tapping and releasing, surrendering, a way of affirmation, meditation, contemplation, A Course in Miracles (ACIM), forgiveness work, techniques for bringing your practice into your daily life, instead of just a few stolen moments, all of which assist at different times, or for different people, in pursuing spiritual evolution.

My book, At Your Heart’s Pace, includes many of these tools, as well as over 30 spiritual practices. It also includes a series of exercises dealing specifically with the various kinds of resistance and negative core beliefs. It can be difficult to even recognize these hidden obstacles, much less know how to deal with them.

Spiritual evolution, the primary topic of this video, occurs at its own pace. It is said that in order to understand wisdom, one must already be wise. It is that acquisition of wisdom, of spiritual coherence, direction, and clarity that is the goal, and which for which a spiritual mentor is useful. It is my joy to offer this.

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Hello and welcome I am Ellen Sutherland and here we are being spiritual.

I thought I would talk to you about spiritual evolution. It is such a high falluting phrase but really, it is what we are all about. It might be helpful to hear some thoughts on it.

I have a diagram and am about to put this up on the website. People often say to me, you do a lot of things Ellen and what is that about. It is just like being a carpenter. I have lots of tools. It doesn’t mean I use them all for everybody nor does everybody need all of them. I have a delight in offering people whatever comes up in the Peace, whatever comes up through me for the person. People come to me for whatever reason and something arises from Higher Self, and I can offer them for example, A Course in Miracles. Do you know about A Course In Miracles? It is a wonderful, wonderful course. It is like the new bible, where Jesus has brought in a clearer ciriculum because we have evolved spiritually enough to hear it. We don’t need the old and the new testament which came through hundreds of years after Jesus was alive and who knows who messed with what (material.) The Course is wonderful work and I think that it is worth checking out, for example.

I have a whole bunch of tools such as tapping and releasing and surrendering, a way of affirmation all of which sweeps into the spiral of evolution, spiritual evolution, bringing you into practice where you put your training wheels on and play with contemplation or meditation or trying to let something go from your past – trying to forgive, applying a lesson for more than a few minutes such as every day all the day, than kind of thing. All of those aspects sweep you into the spiral of spiritual evolution and into the major intention at the center – to be the practice. So to be peace, which is a nice short phrase but try to live it it is quite a journey, quite a journey and so these tools are very helpful. Having a ciriculum – I have a ciriculum in my book At Your Heart’s Pace, different spiritual teachers have other ciriculums.

Spiritual evolution happens. I don’t think we have a great deal to do with that part of it. Evolution is a natural occurance like what happens to a seed when spring arrives. The quality of the light, the change in the temperature, the moisture in the soil sets up conditions to grow. We, in our maturity through life, perhaps lives (maybe it has taken you a couple hundred lives to get to this point,) are drawn in by the Light, capital “L,” by the Light and that is happening now.

Spiritual evolution…having tools, having ciriculum, books like AYHP, having mentors to help you move through your blocks, all assist with that growth. Helping it be more smoother, more sweet and more profound, so that you don’t end up being a spindly little stalk coming out from the dark. You have grown in full Sunshine and you are strong and sturdy and deep-rooted. Use the tools I encourage you to use the tools. Do check out my website, that’s fine, but use the tools that your Heart speaks to. Trust them. This is a time of spiritual evolution and we are all going home.

Peace to you.

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