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ACIM Monday – Discovering True Joy

If I were to pick from one of this week’s lessons, 285 comes to mind: “My holiness shines bright and clear today.” This lesson is about remembering to shine as your true inner state. The consequence of such practice and what a wonderful consequence, is that you become aware that joyousness is what you are. Joy is a quality that is inclusive, serene, at one. In this lesson, you are asked to go against the usual way of experiencing and into a way that seems “unnatural,” to trust that you are holy.

joyKnowing constant joy is a saintly state. Believing that joy is a state apart from you, sets it up a polarity in mind – there is you and there is joy. That makes it possible to lose,(and haven’t you lost your joy?) That makes it seem to be a state gained only under particular and special circumstances.

Such heavily reinforced experience shows you that it takes a special day, a special person, the falling in love, beatific music, winning an award or game, before you can experience fleeting joyfulness. Such an outlook makes joy something to “get” – something apart from you. Joy becomes a temporary state, dependent on outside people, places, and things in order to experience it. That does not reflect inclusiveness, serenity, and oneness. Meanwhile, your inner projector continues to spew out a bedazzling array of situations and people to which you have attached your happiness and joy.

When you believe something, you will look for what agrees with the belief, ignoring all else. You literally see what you believe and in lightening-fast response, reinforce its “reality” by searching out and finding, “proof.” It never occurs, even to the most joyous, that joyousness is a constant aspect of what you are.

“Be joy.” How can you possibly be joy? Since most have never felt constant joy, how do you go about directly experiencing such a lesson with honestly and persistence? “Being” something means it is you, you are it. The lessons ask you to “know” joy because of your being holy. That means you do not need an outside (nor inside) trigger or catalyst.

Think for a moment, what actions would you take if you really did know yourself as holy? None. Yet now, at this stage of practice, at this point in mind training, you do not entirely believe that. If you did, applying ACIM would be unnecessary. Be honest. Be very clear and self-honest. You may well understand the words in the lesson or even have memorized them. That shows willingness, but this practice is a step beyond memorization and understanding.

You are asked to “be” the lesson. That asks a deeper commitment of you. So first, honestly realize you still do not totally believe it. You then see the necessity of applying the lesson in order to remember the truth of your Self.

Intention sets your internal compass

compassUse the world. Offer all of your worldly experience to the Holy Spirit. Set up a new intention. When your world experiences are used in this right-side-up way, catalysts (those people, places, and things you once thought brought you joy) will become reminders of what you already are. You have changed them from being the reason you feel joy, to the trigger of your eternal, inner state.

How do you know when you are aligning with joy or becoming ensnared in the delusional world? Your internal compass, your powerful intention, keeps you steadily focused.

Intend to “be joy” whenever you think of it. Trust that the power of your intention will bring it to mind. Such a heart-felt intention sets up an internal compass. It sets up an internal marker and when you miss that mark, you will notice and right yourself. When you align with that mark, you become aware of your innate joyousness.

This lesson asks so little of you. It asks you to stay with the essence of your self. You make the choice between being holy or worldly. Let every event, every person, offer you a reminder of such choices. Apply the lesson. It deepens your trust. Your happiness pours from an essential inner essence. You will know the truth in those words only when you do the practice.

Peace to you.

ACIM Monday – Do you Think I’m Lying to You?

“God’s Voice speaks to me all through the day.”

The Course tells me God is unaware that we are in this delusion, so what voice but Holy Spirits could speak to me all through the day?

How often do I listen to this constant voice? As the Silence becomes words, how many times do I ignore what I am being offered. Do I accept the comfort, the help, the truth? Hmmm.

silenceOnce, when I was reading the textbook of A Course In Miracles in ACIMgather (a Paltalk online room) the Inner Voice, Holy Spirit, asked me, “So. Do you think I am lying to you?” I do not recall the context. What I was reading at the time seemed to be less important than that question. That question applied to all the writings in ACIM.

That question really stopped my mind that morning. That Zen moment wiped it clean. The personality often has nothing to say when presented with a question that shines light on its shadows. I never considered everything stated in the Course to be the truth.

“Do you think I am lying to you?” is a question that hovers now in my heart. I considered it when applying my practices. I consider it when watching the mind. I look to the thoughts rising up and move toward seeing that nothing in this world can be true.

One of the things that Dr. David R. Hawkins stated frequently, in his teachings, is that the human mind is incapable of telling the truth from falsehood. We are bedazzled by the silver-tongued, the beautiful, the hypnotic, the child-like. “Do what I tell you.” seems drab compared to the UFO’s coming to take us to Venus, or the latest Master spouting new pretties about making the whole of humanity enlightened. The simple is not beautiful to the personality. It is revealed as profoundly beautiful when we remember the question, “Do you think I am lying to you?” and as we begin to trust and apply and realize who lies.

Are the Course statements exaggerated for effect, a blatant lie, or true? The Course asks us to intend to move from the belief in fear to that of Peace by applying the lessons. You may find yourself defensively saying “I know what the Course says is true!” The proof of your belief, however, is revealed in your application of it. Don’t we always apply what we believe? Hmmm…

“Do you think I am lying to you?” are the golden words ringing in my heart. They still will stun me at times. They often make me laugh out loud. They make me shake my head at the Holy Humor of it all. I offer them to you to contemplate as you read and apply ACIM.

Peace to you.

ACIM Monday: “Now the need for Practice is almost done…”

“Now the need for Practice is almost done…”

No more need to practice.

“Waiting in quiet expectation.”

That phrase and the title are in the Introduction to Part II of the workbook in A Course in Miracles. After reading, thinking about, and going for a Holy Instant, after applying 143 ACIM lessons, Part II asks us to consider stepping-up our vigilance. It has us trust, assume, and anticipate. It recommends that we are now ready to live the lesson, to “be” the essence of the lesson, on a moment-to-moment basis.

“Seek direct experience…”

That is what is asked of us. What does that really mean? For 144 days I am asked to “be” the lesson. I plan to take the Part II days and do just that.

Be the lesson? What does “being the lesson” mean?

I am asked to fill the day with attention. Attend to the awareness of Silence. Settle deep “in the quite of my heart.”

“Father, I come to You today to seek the peace that You alone can give.”

How would I know how to do that? It looks like I would not. It seems I must decide NOT to decide that “I know.” I am to be willing to let go of assessing my progress.

When are the clouds lifted?How could I possibly know when I am succeeding, if The Course informs me that God alone can give me the experience? How can “I know” when I am peeking through the clouds, or when they are being lifted away, permanently?

How do I know when I am not “being” the lesson; not in direct experience? Asking such questions become distractions. What would be the point of such answers other than to feed the “I know” part of me and spinning off into the world of separate answers. If what I wait for is God-given, surely I will “know” it when I do my part, when I do what is asked of me, and stay open enough to allow it –when I invite it in.

The Part II Introduction to the year-long workbook says, “…that we need only call to God, and all temptations disappear. Instead of words, we need but feel His Love. Instead of prayers, we need but call His Name. Instead of judging, we need but be still and let all things be healed…”

So what I am to do is to extract the essence of each lesson. I am to spend my day focused on the heart of it. I am to be open, willing, and trusting. Peace is the goal of A Course In Miracles.

I will not let my mind be distracted. I will focus and re-focus only on what I am told to do. When I am entangled in error, I will come to my right mind and realign my commitment, my faith, and my trust.

Come with me in intention.

Peace to you.

ACIM Monday – “Let me not see myself as limited.”

ACIM Monday - limits, limitlessnessAs I write this, the Course In Miracles lesson for the day is 250, “Let me not see myself as limited.”

I do not remember when I first practiced this lesson – years ago. At the time, “limited” was a good description of my world-view. It was also how I saw everyone else. Then the idea of limitless applied only with the idea of limitless hell.

The spiritual ego will tell you that something is wrong with you when you spend the day with a lesson and do not experience constant peace. Imagine the upside-down joy it experiences when you apply them year after year and experience very little peace. What a feast of guilt it sets before you.

That nagging “time-line voice” says, “How long have you been doing the Course? Shouldn’t you have constant Peace by now?”

Hmm. Really? Should I? Is there a time-line statement in the text, in the workbook? Is your Inner Teacher telling you that you should be more evolved than you are?” Holy Spirit resides in timelessness, so how would it be possible that HS would chide you about time? Holy Spirit corrects by being what It is –perfect, timeless, truth.

ACIM Monday - limits, limitlessnessThe Holy Spirit Light that is shining in my mind must be shining into the mind of all, regardless of whether they are sleeping deeply, or ready to rise in the dawn. Holy Spirit offers us the experience of Unlimited acceptance. We are offered the constant expression of unlimited Truth, always, all ways. How then can limited be of us?

I am experiencing a Holy explosion of Love in a holy relationship – a many years long relationship. I once saw him as limited – unable to give, and love, and share without condition…What holy humor it is to realize that as I changed my mind about him, I found the limitless heart in us both.

Truth contains no timeline.
Unlimited is my Teacher.
Un-limiting is my state.
Changing my mind is a limitless experience.



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