Spiritual Mentoring: The “I-Know” Mind

Spiritual Mentoring: The “I-Know” Mind

The “I-know” mind is a huge topic.

If you think you know all there is to know about a person or topic, then the mind is closed. That is all you will look for. You are shut off from receiving intuitive information.

You will not receive any more understanding about the world, about others, about your self because you have decided you know. You have decided they or it is a certain way and that is the way it is for you.

Consider noticing your “I-know” mind. Consider noticing the lens you place in front of what is happening in this moment by standing back from assumptions. Just be. Just look. Just experience. So much more will be revealed to you when you do.

This is another wee post on a mentoring topic. If you need assistance with seeing the lenses you place in front of your mind about your self or others or things of the world, that is the role I serve as a mentor.

Peace to you.

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Hello. I am Ellen Sutherland and here we are, being spiritual.

The “I-know” mind. The “I-know” mind is talked about in spiritual circles. If you are new to this (spirituality), it will likely sound strange, and if you are in spiritual circles, this will be “old hat.” “Old hat” is a dangerous state to put your self in. Because that means you think you know. You are in “I-know” mind.

If you think you know about a topic, then the mind is closed, and you cannot receive inner help or for those of you that do not believe in inner help, you cannot receive intuitive information. You cannot receive any more understanding in the world, in the situations in the world, because you have decided it is a certain way and that’s the way it is (for you.) that is the way it looks to you.

The “I-know” mind is a huge topic. It really is something I work with a lot. I work with it in myself, in my relationship here in my home…in my relationship with my family.

We learn something and it is a quality or the way of mind that when it learns something it keeps that data, (or situation) encapsulated in an understanding. So, a tree looks like that – I am looking out the window at one. It also looks like a Christmas tree and also looks like a palm tree does. We have all this data in our minds that recognizes what a tree is. We actually do the same sort of thing with everything. A chair looks like this and we have a variety of expressions of what a chair is or a couch, a carpet, or a house. We can have many varieties of something but we recognize what they are and we have a whole story about them – what that means (to us).

We do that same thing most particularly with people. Our family members, most specifically our personal relationships, our friendships, that whole group that we know, we have past information about. When you walk up to your mom or your sister or your beloved partner, when you walk up to them, the whole story from your “I-know” mind, that whole story looks at them and has all this data and memory. It looks at them and says, “You are this.” There you go. There is your “I-know” mind at work.

I would just like you to think about how that way of being can trip you up in spiritual life. How can you be unconditional with someone, how can you even move toward unconditional love –and I know that you may feel that is way down the road for most of us – to be totally, absolutely love, yet we are moving toward it, and want to move toward it. How can you be that with someone you have decided did this to you, is like this, only thinks this way, only does this. Each idea you hold of a person, then boxes them in in your “I-know” mind.

I do a lot of work with my self and others around “I-know” mind because it is the major thing that trips up people other than forgiveness. It is the major thing that trips us up. If you decide that you know something, if you decide that something is the way you think it is you are boxed in. Sit down and listen to the news, for example, from front end to back end…international and local news, sports, even the weather…you will see that you hold all sorts of concepts for all those details. They are impersonal details. They are not about your life. They are about your world. They are about your weather. They are about your sports…sports may be a big deal to you. They are about your local news and local politics. They are not your personal world, yet you hold all sorts of very specific understandings/beliefs about them. That is a lens that is so “normal” and held through “I-know” mind, so “normal” that you do not even notice it is there. I invite you to notice and my work is, what I do in mentoring is to help you take that lens off and lay it down as many times as possible. It just automatically comes back up as a quality of our mind. It is the way our mind works.

Still and all, the learning to take that lens of “I-know” mind off – “I know who you are mom. I’ve known you for all these years. You are a certain way and you act a certain (predictable) way. If I say this, you will do that.” That is what “I-know” mind does. If you want to open your heart to mom, if you want to see her differently, you need to take that lens off, lay it down and open your heart without judging her without thinking you know who she is and just speak from your heart to her. Extend love to her. It is an amazing experience and really fun. Wow. Doing this you discover who people are. (You discover) people you boxed in. Thy never showing that side of them, because on some level they know you cannot see them, even if they were brave enough to be love.) Take that lens off. (Doing so) you open your heart, you stop assuming you know what is going to happen, and your world changes.

Consider it. If you cannot work it out for yourself, give me a call and talk to me. I am very happy to do some sessions with you, even if you do not want long term mentoring. We will work out some of this “I-know” mind stuff from all of the issues that comes about.

Peace to you.




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Not Taking the Personality Seriously

You are not Your Emotions

“A person without a sense of humor is like a wagon without springs. It’s jolted by every pebble on the road.”
– Henry Ward

laughingWe are told  as spiritual people “on the path” that a sense of humor is more than helpful, it is necessary. Sometimes it seems that these helpful hints ensure further frustration and guilt. If we are not feeling full of joy, it can be quite difficult to shrug life off and find its humor. Life is not funny when we are hurting. When we address the hurt first, when we address those negative emotions, often the situation’s humor becomes obvious.

One way to deal with upset feelings is to dive into them. Blow them out of proportion. Exaggerate and gesticulate. Play them out like an opera. This exercise can help you to let them go.

Exercise: Not taking the personality seriously – we know not what we do.

If you are particularly stuck in a feeling, tell yourself you are going to exaggerate it. While doing so, it is most important that you have your inner witness turned on. That is the part of you that watches and observes. It is vitally important that you decide you will be blowing the event out of proportion. Acknowledging the exaggeration as your decision, allows you to keep the witnessing part of you clear about your intention.

Watch the feelings. Observe and notice what you are feeling. Seriously, you do not want to increase despair or helplessness. You do not want to throw yourself off a building. You do want to exaggerate the feeling, while you observe it. This shows you that you are (and always were) in control of it, though perhaps unaware you were.

It becomes obvious that you chose to resist and therefore, hold on to the negativity, and because you did not know you were doing this, you experienced being very stuck in it.

ha haNext, ask yourself how much pain you are experiencing. On a scale of 0 (no pain) to 10 (the most pain you can imagine) choose the intensity of your feeling. Whatever it is, for example a 5 or 6, try to blow it up, perhaps to an 8 or 10. Attempt to increase the feeling to the fullest.

At the same time, realize that you are the one making it feel bigger. You choose to make the feeling feel larger. This helps you access all the suppressed emotional energy.

 When you watch the emotion, you step outside the feeling and are no longer holding on to it, no longer resisting it. So merely tell yourself that you want to feel more of this feeling, more of this pain, more of this sadness. Tell yourself you want to wallow in the emotion. Tell yourself that you want to whine and howl and moan. Really get into it. All the while, stand away from the emotion and keep the watcher present in your awareness.

No longer will you dabble in your upset for days, months, or years, instead this magnifies the whole event and allows it to drain away, at once. This practice moves you from being victimized by your feeling to welcoming it. It is an empowering stance. It becomes immediately obvious that you are the one in control.

As you blow it up, you notice you no longer have anything to hold on to. The energy of the emotion comes to a climax – yep just like that climax – and because you choose to allow it freedom from suppression, it unravels and is released.

So, when you want to wallow, be honest and allow yourself to go for it!! Big time! Be the best wallower in the Universe. At the same time, be aware that you are making a choice to do so.

Shame, guilt, grief, fear, desire, anger, are low energy feelings which block the love you are. Such emotions are the result of being human. Such feelings are without LOVE.  By using this technique, the self pity will melt away and you will end up in laughter, in joy, and in more compassion.

Now lift your head and look around at the rest of humanity wallowing in its negativity! This exercise helps you to open your heart in true compassion for the human race, who knows not what they do!

The final part of this exercise, asks you to discover what you truly want. Do you really want the feeling you just released or do you want peace? Do I want to be right and justified, or do you want to be peaceful and happy?  It can be freeing to ask such questions. Ask kindly, from your heart, and accept the answers that arise.

When you held on to the negative emotions, the answers may be that, yes, you did want to be right; you did want to feel awful; you did want to hurt. Yet, without the negativity bottled up inside of you, your answers will be different. Freed from such emotion, what you truly want rises up. It is often accompanied with a head shake, a giggle or at least a smile.

Peace to you.

“Feelings only lie; they tell us we are going to get from releasing them, what we get from holding on to them.”
– Sedona Method

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Spiritual Evolution and Spiritual Mentoring

Spiritual Evolution – We are all Going Home

I have been asked to talk about what I do with spiritual mentoring. It seems that I have not put enough information on my website, so I have been urged to describe what it is that I do. Therefore, this is the first of an informal series related to spiritual mentoring.

Over time I have collected a large number of useful tools to assist with living spiritually. They include such things as tapping and releasing, surrendering, a way of affirmation, meditation, contemplation, A Course in Miracles (ACIM), forgiveness work, techniques for bringing your practice into your daily life, instead of just a few stolen moments, all of which assist at different times, or for different people, in pursuing spiritual evolution.

My book, At Your Heart’s Pace, includes many of these tools, as well as over 30 spiritual practices. It also includes a series of exercises dealing specifically with the various kinds of resistance and negative core beliefs. It can be difficult to even recognize these hidden obstacles, much less know how to deal with them.

Spiritual evolution, the primary topic of this video, occurs at its own pace. It is said that in order to understand wisdom, one must already be wise. It is that acquisition of wisdom, of spiritual coherence, direction, and clarity that is the goal, and which for which a spiritual mentor is useful. It is my joy to offer this.

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Hello and welcome I am Ellen Sutherland and here we are being spiritual.

I thought I would talk to you about spiritual evolution. It is such a high falluting phrase but really, it is what we are all about. It might be helpful to hear some thoughts on it.

I have a diagram and am about to put this up on the website. People often say to me, you do a lot of things Ellen and what is that about. It is just like being a carpenter. I have lots of tools. It doesn’t mean I use them all for everybody nor does everybody need all of them. I have a delight in offering people whatever comes up in the Peace, whatever comes up through me for the person. People come to me for whatever reason and something arises from Higher Self, and I can offer them for example, A Course in Miracles. Do you know about A Course In Miracles? It is a wonderful, wonderful course. It is like the new bible, where Jesus has brought in a clearer ciriculum because we have evolved spiritually enough to hear it. We don’t need the old and the new testament which came through hundreds of years after Jesus was alive and who knows who messed with what (material.) The Course is wonderful work and I think that it is worth checking out, for example.

I have a whole bunch of tools such as tapping and releasing and surrendering, a way of affirmation all of which sweeps into the spiral of evolution, spiritual evolution, bringing you into practice where you put your training wheels on and play with contemplation or meditation or trying to let something go from your past – trying to forgive, applying a lesson for more than a few minutes such as every day all the day, than kind of thing. All of those aspects sweep you into the spiral of spiritual evolution and into the major intention at the center – to be the practice. So to be peace, which is a nice short phrase but try to live it it is quite a journey, quite a journey and so these tools are very helpful. Having a ciriculum – I have a ciriculum in my book At Your Heart’s Pace, different spiritual teachers have other ciriculums.

Spiritual evolution happens. I don’t think we have a great deal to do with that part of it. Evolution is a natural occurance like what happens to a seed when spring arrives. The quality of the light, the change in the temperature, the moisture in the soil sets up conditions to grow. We, in our maturity through life, perhaps lives (maybe it has taken you a couple hundred lives to get to this point,) are drawn in by the Light, capital “L,” by the Light and that is happening now.

Spiritual evolution…having tools, having ciriculum, books like AYHP, having mentors to help you move through your blocks, all assist with that growth. Helping it be more smoother, more sweet and more profound, so that you don’t end up being a spindly little stalk coming out from the dark. You have grown in full Sunshine and you are strong and sturdy and deep-rooted. Use the tools I encourage you to use the tools. Do check out my website, that’s fine, but use the tools that your Heart speaks to. Trust them. This is a time of spiritual evolution and we are all going home.

Peace to you.

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