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Tapping Therapy: Claustrophobia

*Video: tapping claustrophobia Erasing Claustrophobia This is yet another area of fear from which people suffer. Being afraid of tight spaces makes any crowded situation, any small environment extremely uncomfortable for the phobic person. This tapping blog is offered in … Continue reading

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Test (Exam) Anxiety – Tapping Demonstration

*Video: test-exam anxiety tapping demonstration How to Relieve Test/Exam Anxiety This video walks you through an actual tapping for test anxiety. identify the negative emotion (for example, you become very afraid thinking about writing a text,completing an oral exam) chart … Continue reading

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Tapping Therapy & Spiritual Living?

*Video: tapping therapy and spiritual life Tapping Therapy as a Life Skill Why put Tapping Therapy (EFT©), which is a physical technique, in a book of spiritual exercises? Tapping Therapy can be very helpful in teaching us fear is easily … Continue reading

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