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Worry and Spiritual Action

*Video: worry and spiritual action The Worry Treadmill Quote: “Worry is like rocking, you are doing something but going nowhere.” We all know that worry is useless. Still we worry. What can we do? Worrying at night can be decreased … Continue reading

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How to Dissolve the “I Know” Mind

*Video: contemplation When we believe we know we are blind The quote is from page 122 of At Your Heart’s Pace, Exercise 8. “When we believe that we know, when we believe that we understand, we become blind to further … Continue reading

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Spiritual Exercise: Releasing Judgement

*Video: not my will Not My Will Whenever you need need spiritual help in getting your small will or ego out of the way, using this quote will assist. This quote represents spiritual living and spiritual surrender rolled into one. … Continue reading

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